I feel so bad and sorry to her

April likes to draw and she enjoys colouring too. She draws a lot. Her masterpieces are in bundles now, and can be found everywhere in the house. She sometimes would give her drawings to either her father or her mother.

Last 2 weeks, she drew a flower on a white paper, and she used crayons to colour the drawing. She even completed the background in 3 shades of blue. She gave it to me after she had done, and she told me it is a flower in water.
Yesterday, I did a random housekeeping in the kitchen, I saw the folded drawing paper on the dining table. The paper already has stain. I didn't think further and I threw it into the dustbin.

After dinner, April said softly to me, "Mummy, I took my drawing from the dustbin just now, I gave it to you, why you threw it into dustbin?"

I felt really bad and sorry that time.

I quickly apologized and took the paper from her, " Sorry April, mummy will bring it to the office and hang it at my workstation."


  1. It's ok, you din't do it on purpose. I believe April will understand....

  2. My boy too, would insist that I keep his drawings though some of them aren't that nice. Haha.. bad mommy.;) I threw some away but he got upset when he found out. Now, I put all his drawings in a big A3 size pouch.

  3. Aww...must be hurtful for April. When I wanna dispose stuffs given by my daughter, I'll do it silently and push it down inside the dustbin, out of her sight :P

  4. You can tell your girl, u throw it because the drawing is all in ur mind n memory.. hahahah~~~

    I kept all my son's drawing in the drawer.. and snap photos for his done art work and post online..

  5. Oh .. Sometimes we do things without thinking that our actions will have a impact on our kiddos .. but you did not did it on purpose ... I'm sure your ger will understand :)

    My kiddos like to draw too and every night after drawing, I would told them that I would only keep the nice drawings and throw away those that they anyhow scribble or doodle and they understand and would give me their nice masterpieces to keep ..

    Taking pics of the drawings or scanning the drawings is another good way to store the pic and memory as it will not take up much physical space ..

  6. Hayley, she looked just sweet when she talked to me. I think she is fine.

    Inspired Momx1, almost all kids like to give her drawings to parents. May be I have to locate a place to keep their rubbish. Sorry, masterpieces.

    Yvonne, true also, I should push it down a bit next time.

    prince n princess mum, our little artists create so many rubbish that we have to find a place to keep. Bad mummy still find their masterpieces are rubbish. :(

    吳大娘, I agree with you. Taking a pic is definitely a good way to keep in memory and required no physical space at all. Thanks for the tips.

  7. u just tell her the truth that u saw some stains there & i think April will accept! And make sure u never throw away her drawings in future, hahaha...


  8. Wow!! Her artwork is very nice leh!! Confirm better than my drawing :D

  9. Oh dear, just some sort of misunderstanding, I'm sure a lovely girl who can draw so well like April could understand that you didn't mean it all!

    Cheer up and have a pleasant day ahead!
    p/s: She is such a sweet girl, so loving... you are blessed mommy Yan!^-^

  10. love her artwork ar!! so pretty! dont feel sorry. it was an accident ma :)

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  11. a very beautiful drawing. I am sure April is all smiles after you told her that you will hang it up in your office :)

  12. Gosh! I will be angry if I'm April. haha...not to make you feel bad la. Actually it is just an accident. No worries. Just make sure next time don't repeat it again. Buy a folder/ box to keep all her art pieces. She will appreciate them when she grew up later.

  13. Know what, the drawing is very nice. At first glance, I thought it was real water! I throw my kids' drawings away too, some of them were their notes to me. I think they are rubbish but like your May, they will salvage it from the bin and ask me why I throw away. Now, I have a special box to put all their notes and drawings to me :)

  14. Zooropa, thanks for dropping by. You have a nice blog there too.

    Agnes, me too. I never like art, I guess April is aliked her father more.

    Alice Law, both my girls are my most precious jewels on earth. Thanks.

    Jenny, thanks.

    Barb, yes, she is.

    mNhL, thanks for the reminder, I will get a box soon.

    Shireen, glad to see your comment, I will get a box soon.