Japanese Buffet Dinner at Tao

Last Wednesday, we had a farewell treat for our colleague Yew. We have chosen Tao Japanese Buffet restaurant at Auto City as the place.
It took 45 minutes drive to be there from our office.
A family picture at the entrance of the restaurant.
Paparazzi shot of Yvonne & Avery and Me & 2 princesses when shopping at the flea market after the dinner.
Sorry, as the pictures weren't in sequence. We were happy chit-chating and some were busy taking pictures while waiting for our last order at 8pm.
April and May were really enjoyed the night.


  1. Wei... you post this up to 'remember' Yew, is it? Already missing him on the first day he's discharged from our workplace? lol... okay la, I miss him too.

  2. Hehe.. only now I know you work for Silverstone. Saw your pictures in uniform previously though.;P

    The place looks nice with flea market nearby.. can eat and shop.. I like;)

  3. It was a nice outing despite the tiredness... next time we can go Auto City again and try other restaurants...

  4. such a nice outing :) btw, where is this Auto City? Butterworth?

  5. Yvonne, yeah! Kinda missing him, esp when I feel bored.

    Inspired Momx1, some links have revealed my working place. My uniform is the ugliest in town :(

    Hayley, can go when I feel that I am a bit slimmer first.

    Barb, Juru is right before reaching Butterworth from south. Auto City is at Juru.

  6. lovely family photo !! i love japanese food too!