My little helpers

After away for 4 days and 3 nights in Chiang Mai, we brought back the Thailand home industries products, such as a Crocodile skin wallet for myself, two paper umbrellas for the girls,
bee pollen and honey for the family,
20 key chains which represented Agricultural industry in Chiang Mai,
(This is the closer look of these lovely key chains, they are beans and legume. )
some chocolates from duty free shop,
and paper fans as souvenirs for friends.
Besides the above mentioned items, we also brought back a full big luggage of worn, dirty and smelly laundries.
We needed to do 3 cycles of washing, drying and folding to finish all the laundries.
Thank Goodness that April and May were trained to fold their own cloths, handkerchief and towels earlier.
They were a good little helpers to mummy and papa.


  1. Really impressed! My boy would help to fold maybe one hankie and then it's done. How nice to have at least a daughter.. haiz.

  2. Luckily you have trained April and May to fold their own clothing. I believe they would be very happy to help you in house chores too. I guess that is the beauty of having two daughters at home. When they are used to help you at home since young, you will be much "senang" in future. :)

  3. Kiahahaha! That's the advantage of having girls, April and May are indeed very handy to mommy... see how they fold the clothes meticulously, excellent job!(2 Thumbs up)^-^

    have a wonderful day to you!
    p/s: Lovely souvenirs you have got!

  4. waaahh...so many goodies from Chiangmai :) You really train your girls very well. I gotta start training mine to fold clothes too. Hmm...perhaps later on, she'll need to iron her own clothes...hahhaahahaa

  5. wow...u bought so many stuffs. Luckily your girls are a great helper.

  6. Wow... the clothes that April and May folded were very neat and organized. Bravo! I sometimes shoo my girl when I'm folding my clothes because she tends to mess up with everything. And my boy... don't mention him, he's like a gozilla destroying a tower of laundry!

    Btw, nice souvenirs u got from Chiang Mai :)

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  8. Inspired Momx1, I guess son also can be trained to do some house chores, right?

    Shenny's mommy, we cannot too pamper and protect the children, they have to share some of the house chores. Do you agree?

    Alice Law, I saw your Juan Juan is so helpful also. You also train her very well.

    Barb, I will reward them with small coins when they have done their job.

    mNhL, you also can train your elder son too. Son can be helpful too.

    Yvonne, nowadays the children are so lucky, most of the things are done by parents or maid if have. Better let them do some house chores for their own goodness sake.

    reanaclaire, yes I do.