Packing for Chiang Mai trip

My husband and I have started to pack for Chiang Mai. The trip was granted by his company to its employees and their families as the yearly family trip. We were trying to pack as small and little as we could, as we were traveling in a family of four. This is the first time my little May taking flight. April is luckier to be the elder child, and she is taking flight for the 4th times. She had been to Phuket, Hong Kong and Bandung with us in the previous family trips.
April and May were telling me that they wanted to bring their musical boxes to the trip.
I quickly said "No". Our luggage are too heavy already. We are not supposed to bring these unnecessary items to the plane.
(p/s: I want to save more spaces for my shopping at the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar later.)


  1. Time flies and it's so near to your trip already!! have a safe journey and always keep your belonging safe!
    happy holidays and waiting for your souvenirs! :P

  2. May you and your family have safe and pleasant vacation. :)

  3. Happy holiday to you and family, Yan! A wonderful snd memorable vacation ahead!^-^/

  4. wow the girls have so many jeweleries already :D happy holidays :D we are going away for a short getaway this sunday :D

  5. hey sheohyan!
    have a safe flight ar! have loads of fun shopping on your trip :)


  6. Hahahaha.....about your daughters wanting to bring their musical boxes with them.....little girls will be little girls, so cute! :-D

  7. I hope you had a great trip. I remember booking at one of the Chiang Mai hotels Thailand last year and the fun I had.