Parents' day cards

I registered April and May to a Buddhist society near my house 3 months ago. They have to attend the Amitabha class on Saturday evening and Di Zi Gui 弟子规 class on Sunday morning. Parents are encouraged to join the class together with their kids. The Buddhist class held a Parents Day 2 weeks ago. The children were required to bring presents for their parents on the project.

I asked April and May what did she intend to give us as present. April suggested an earrings and May suggested an eyeshadow for me. lol! April, May and mummy together we thought of buying sport socks for the father.

When we got all the presents bought and ready, I was taking a step back. I told the children to drop out the idea of giving us these presents. After further consideration, I totally disliked the idea of spending our own money on the present and let the children give it to us on the Parents Day. It is meaningless. I would rather let the children make us a card instead.

Again, I went and bought 2 card boards. I asked April to draw and color whatever she could think about us.
April drew her papa wearing a cap and holding a kite.
April drew Mummy wearing a spaghetti dress, tiara, earrings, heels and holding a hand bag.
Little May helped to stick all the tiny colourful paper crafts on the cover of the cards.
A closer look at the inside of the cards. I like her illustration very much.
I think these DIY cards served better meaning then those presents bought earlier. Ain't Buddisht society teach us to be humble?
p/s: This is a backdated post.


  1. Good job April! I'm sure those cards mean alot to you and your hubby!

  2. Wow..the greeting cards is very beautiful. Well done, April and May, these are most precious presents for your mommy and papa.

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  4. wow .. that's very nicely done cards for both Daddy and Mummy ..

    Very very nice drawings from your girl ..

  5. Ian just started his first lesson last Sunday and he is only asked to go on Sundays and each lesson lasts 2 1/2 hrs. He loves going there and had brought home some sweets, a yoghurt bar and a soft toy on his first day. Haha..

  6. Well done April. The cards are lovely and they are straight from the heart :) good idea, Sheoh Yan :)

  7. How sweet... and April is so good in her art. Selfmade card is always the best!

  8. Totally agree with your idea! Hey both your girls can draw very well :-) From the drawing, I guess daddy is an easy-going person while mommy is the Queen@home! hahaha:-)


  9. lovely artwork by ur daughter...

  10. Hayley, I will keep these cards in a box now. Will give to them when they have grown up.

    Shenny's mommy, Shenny is very good too.

    吳大娘, Thanks.

    Inspired Momx1, Art is one of the subject in SPM too. So, it is not wasted to let the children learn art.

    Barb, you can let Ashley try, see whether she has interest.

    Yvonne, i think this is good enough from a child to a parent. No point using money to buy present.

    Zooropa, you are clever. hahahah! You guess it almost 99% right.

    Vialentino, thanks for dropping by. Love your food blog too.

  11. she is sucha sweetheart! so talented!!

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  12. Great idea! Yes..i agreed that spending own money to buy present is meaningless. The 2 self-made cards are certainly more valuable. Nice drawing from your daughter.