Their rewards

Some asked me whether I reward my two princesses for doing good in their study. Yes, my husband and I bought them musical boxes. Ever since they saw me having a musical box in my room which suggested by the fengshui master, they requested me to buy them one as well.
May got the pink Disney Princesses musical box.
April got the blue Mickey and Minnie's musical box.
After coming back from shopping and taking their lunch, I let them indulge in some potatoes chips. Due to the hot weather, I also bought them the coconut drink. They were quite good sisters, when they were not fighting.
April has started to load the compartment with some toy jewelries and accessories, like bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants.

There is a Cinderella moving in a circle in May's musical box. The girls love their musical box to bits now.


  1. I once love musical box too! but as we grow up i think the love for it has slowly fade off.... =_=
    the 2 musical boxes are lovely, i'm sure April and May will appreciate them.

  2. I used to have a few and love them to bits!! I just love staring at the ballerina dancing to the music!!

  3. oh such a lovely presents. i love musical box but couldn't afford it when i was a kid. i am sure april and may will treasure it for years :D

  4. I love musical box and I still have one in my possession. Not sure whether it's working or no and Avery hasn't show any interest on it yet.

    I like May's musical box because it's so feminine. At the same time I adore April's one because it has many compartment to store jewelry.

  5. What an awesome present you bought for May and April!
    Shenny immediately likes the princess musical box when she saw it. She also wants me to buy one for her. Well, I told her she has to be as brave as May and April to sleep in her own bedroom. Right now, Shenny still sleep in the same room with us but on a separate bed. Let see whether this push will intrigue her to move into her own room.

  6. I agree about rewarding kids when they did something good. It serves as encouragement to them. I myself never have musical boxes since childhood till now. But if someone buys me a musical box when I was still a child, I will like it too!