A wonderful Sunday evening

We woke the children up from their nap slightly earlier than usual, as we wanted to go to Lake Garden again. Morning, we were there for cycling. Evening, we were there to play kite. We bought a new kite, and it was also our 2nd kite. The first kite was a butterfly. It too big and too heavy to fly, that was what their Papa said. When Papa failed in his multiple attempts, he decided to buy a smaller kite this time.
Their Papa didn't know how to fly the kite, but he wanted to please his princesses. So, no matter how hard, he also wanted to fly the kite successfully this time. April helped to throw the kite upward and her Papa moved backward to fly the kite.
The kite was flying up a bit, the girls were chasing the kite happily.
This was the highest the kite could fly, it was approximately 5 feet's on top of Papa.
The kite was dropping back to the ground.
April tried again... and again.
She threw the kite higher each time she jumped.
This was our second kite, a Woo Hoo Tiger kite. lol!
The girls and the Papa were running around the big field, but the kite also never seems to go higher than 5 feet's. T__T.
Huh! An eagle was flying in the sky steadily. It was another kite that evening. Why people's kite flew as high as a bird? and our kite was just 5 feet's higher than a man. T__T
They walked back to the place that I rested my big butt. (When I tried to help my husband to fly the kite, I actually fell down and hurt my butt.) They showed me a Datuk Lee Chong Wei's expression, when defeated by Lin Dan in the Thomas Cup semi final. Boo Hoo!
(p/s: My husband said this kite was not good, and not that he was not good in playing the kite. While walking back to the car, he told his princesses that Papa was going to buy a bigger and better kite next time. He must be forgotten about the first kite was actually a bigger kite, luckily April reminded him immediately. )
What a wonderful Sunday evening.


  1. "They showed me a Datuk Lee Chong Wei's expression, when defeated by Lin Dan in the Thomas Cup semi final" this statement is so funny.

    Your schedule is really tight with fun activities and you fully utilize every single mins. I have mine lazing at home only. I should get my bum working already.

  2. yes, i agree with Yvonne, that was a funny statement. I couldn't help laughing :) It's great to be spending some quality family time outside the house :)

  3. Beautiful kite your kids have. Ha..can see May and April have a very good running around, although kite not flying high, but they have good exercise and fun.

  4. Hi Sheoh Yan....never mind about the kite not flying high, but it was the fun your kids had. I'm sure they must have had a good exercise and laughs chasing after the kite.
    A beautiful day with your family, thats what counts.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  5. looks like they had a lot of fun!! Its awesome to have family time eh? not everyone can have family time ga... cuz some parents so busy with their life lor :) hehe.


  6. I personally think if my husband is able to 'fly' a kite I would be proud already, lol... yes, he can't fly any!

    April and may really had a good time, wish they will enjoy with their Chiang Mai trip too!

  7. LOL! What a nice daddy. We used to bring the kids to the park to fly kite but the kite NEVER fly up successfully. But recently, we bring the kite to PD beach, the kite just went up so easily. Must be due to the wind ya.

  8. That's a nice quality family time. About the kite not flying as high as other people's kite, maybe it's the skill and maybe also the strength of the wind at the chosen place. Now this reminds me of kite flying when I was around 10 yrs old. But my parents never have time to play kites with me, so no choice I flew the kite myself after watching how those neighbourhood kids did it. And it flew to very high. Miss those childhood days!