4D3N stay at KL: Day 1

7 - 10 July 2010 we were in KL for 4D 3N holiday. In fact it was a holiday for the children and me only. My husband was actually there for business. Wakakaka! We tagged along for a free stay in Hotel Holiday Villa at Subang for 2 nights and Hotel Empress at Cyber Jaya for 1 night. Very shiok!
This hotel room is very big and cozy though the furniture is a bit old. It is rated as 5 star hotel. We didn't know to appreciate Holiday Villa until we saw Hotel Empress on the last night. Hotel Empress is the copy of Hotel First World at Genting. Small and stuffy. T__T
The divider between bed and closet.
There is also a pantry.
The most important for my children is the bathtub in the bathroom.
The first place we went was Sunway Pyramid. We were all hungry and tired after the 3.5hours journey from the North. We settled the dinner at Tony Romas. I was actually hoping to dine at Full House since I saw the paint of "Full House Opening Soon" at my last year visit, but my husband likes the Beef Ribs at Tony Romas very much. In order to show my appreciation to him for driving us here and allowing us to tag along for holiday, so I gave in to his choice.
The girls enjoyed their turkey ham spaghetti and later the sundae as the dessert.
We let them skip the school on Thursday and Friday because of this trip. We cannot do this anymore when April is in the primary 1 next year.
After the dinner, it was my of-course shopping time. I dropped by SaSa, Nichii and Elianto & Bonita Sales. To my surprise, many shops is having sales.
This environmental friendly teddy bear is the decoration of Bonita and Elianto Anniversary Sales.
My two princesses were looking forward to the fun at the hotel swimming pool on the next day.
...to be continued....


  1. Hi5! We sama2 let our kids ponteng 2 days of school just because we wanna go for a holiday :p

    The room looks nice and classy from your photos. Dunno why this Holiday Villa never maintain their rooms properly. We initially wanted to stay in the Holiday Villa in Cherating but after hearing bad reviews about it (that it was very old and rundown), we changed to Awana Kijal.

  2. O, Yes, enjoy while you can before the kids enter primary 1. ;P

    Trust you had an enjoyable trip down KL.

  3. April and May are very lucky as they get to travel with you and your hubby, at this age.. ;)
    and the hotel looks nice!

  4. At last....a post about your trip :) Can't wait to read more and see your shopping loot. I hope you did get to dine at Full House :D eh, i think when our kids are in Std 1 onwards, we can only travel during school holidays and stuck with the crowd :(

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  6. A lovely trip to K.L! The hotel room looks really nice and cosy!^-^

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

  7. still young can ponteng.. a few more years, cannot go anywhere except during school hols. :)

  8. ok lah,, once a while ponteng for holiday,,, primarily can lah, go secondary, cannot already lioa,, go go ponteng somemore,, dont be silly me..

    take care now

  9. I like your last pic, as if Mei cannot be recycled and April can be recycled, lol.

  10. So shiok!! Your hubby is so nice to tag you all along. Ya, must enjoy, never mind lah ponteng sekolah once in a while only, wait till primary school, susah get chance to ponteng already. The hotel room is really spacious...