4D3N stay at KL: Day 2

Thursday morning, my husband left for work earlier. We went for buffet breakfast, which was included in the room charge.
I tried to feed the children as much as I could, as we planned to skip the lunch and went for an early dinner when the papa returned from work at 5pm.
Taking some pictures for the girls around the hotel.
Then, we back to the room and quickly changed into swimming costumes.
I didn't managed to fill up their floaters, so we just played for a short while at the baby pool in the morning.
I promised the girls that their papa would bring them back here again in the evening.
One compliment to Holiday Villa. It has 2 very nice and big swimming pools for adult.
And, 2 more smaller pools for the children and babies.
One Jacuzzi. I saw the hotel having a very well-maintained and well-equipped fitness and gym room too.
As per what I had promised, the girls and the pa pa went swimming again in the evening. This time they were wearing the arm floaters.
Being a bit kiasu, as they were 'ponteng' from school for 2 days. I brought along their text and work books. I did an hour revision with both of them in the room before their nap, while pa pa was still busy with his work.
We went to Empire Shopping Gallery for dinner and shopping in the evening. That's all my 2nd day in KL.

...to be continued....


  1. Wow! It's all about swimming on the 2nd day. Great outdoor activity... or at least not shopping & shopping only :)

  2. A relaxing holiday you had there.. I like it that way too rather than trying to squeeze in as many itineries as possible.;P

  3. Feel wanna swim now looking at the swimming pools! I haven't been to Empire Shopping Gallery yet, how's it? nice?...


  4. The pools are very clean. iLike!!!

  5. Nice, it is such a relaxing vacation.

  6. Kids like swimming a lot... haha, can see they're really excited in the picture!

  7. I love the swimming pool, looks so serene and nice... wonderful place for a relaxing evening!^-^

  8. Wow, skip lunch? You (and the kids) can tahan ar? We had very heavy breakfast during our trip but at 1pm, we started searching for food already haha.

    The swimming pool is nice! Glad to see the girls enjoying themselves so much :)

  9. wow, the hotel is nice and big. i love their swimming pool. looks like a pretty relaxing holiday for you and the girls this time :)