4D3N stay at KL: Day 3 and Day 4

Friday morning, husband left to work. The children and me went for buffet breakfast. After breakfast, back to the room and changed into swimming costume. We went swimming again.

I skipped lunch due to the heavy breakfast, and only let the children take milk with honey star and coco crunch. I did some revision with them, but we were not allowed to take nap this day. We needed to check out at noon. Husband came back to help packing luggage during his lunch hour. So, we had 3 hours to kill, before he could come to join us at 5pm. The nearest interesting place that we could linger was Sunway Pyramid again. Husband called a taxi for us to go there.

We spent almost 2 hours for shopping until they saw the playground. We killed the last hour at the playground. I was so boring. Standing there, and watching them playing like mad. That time, I hoped that I could bump into my blogging friend Barb and Lady Gaga Ashley. Too bad, I couldn't find their shadows.

When my two legs were really sored and tired, I asked them to stop playing and together we went to sit on the bench.
They didn't sit, they leaned forward to 'keypoh' at the people down stair. Thank Goodness that husband came at 5pm sharp sharp and I could hear drumming from my stomach. We went to Esquire Kitchen, because the girls wanted to eat their favourite sweet and sour pork (Gu Loh Yuk) rice. Again, I had to sacrifice Full House.

After dinner, we went to Cyber Jaya because husband needed to play for the company badminton tournament on Saturday. We checked in the Hotel Empress. When I saw this hotel, I totally lose all my interest to take photos. So, no photos for Day 4 in KL.

Please stay tune for my shopping loots from KL.


  1. I was hoping you snapped some photos of the Hotel Empress to see how good it is.. but nvm, I shall google it ;)
    Looking forward to see your buyings from this trip ;)

  2. Hahaha! The hotel is THAT terrible.
    I'm also looking forward to see your shopping loot :)

  3. Hahaha.... the way you describe Empress Hotel was just like when I stepped into First World Hotel after a stay in Pacific Regency Suite - speechless & photoless.

    Faster show us your "splurging items" from KL

  4. hahaahahahahaha...i am so sorry that you didn't see our shadows Yan. next time when you are in kl, we should plan for a meet up. i know it's hard cos we have kids and have to follow our hubby's schedule. we really must meet up next time. i'm sure lady gaga will be thrilled to meet April and May :) we seldom go to sunway pyramid because it is pretty jam there. i'm usually at mid valley or the curve :D can't wait to see your loot :D

  5. My kids love 'guo lou youk' too.

    I've yet to dine in Fullhouse. :(