Don't want to eat also cannot

I love durians. Sunday, I bought myself a big durian which cost me RM20.
Open up the durian and keep them into a container for refrigerating. I love eating chill durians.
After taking too much durians on Sunday. I felt deeply guilty, as I supposed to be on diet. Monday, back from work, I was dropped dead tired. But, I still forced myself to the fitness center. I saw a gorilla jumping in front of the mirror when doing the aerobics dance. I hate myself. Sob...sob...Back home. I told my husband that I was going to skip dinner and what so ever food. When I had firmed up my mind for fasting, my beloved FIL dropped by my house with these 'pau' and a pack of fish otak otak from Kuala Sepatang. 
Since I didn't turn up for dinner just now, he assumed that I needed food. He said to me.
Of course, I ate them. It was so hard for me to turn him down and also to waste the food, right?


  1. Never mind Yan. You are so slim already. I don't think you would put on weight immediately. Once in while it's ok to eat durian...kakakakakaka

  2. Ya lor dont derpive yourself with the food you are happy about eating,go and indulge yourself but moderation lah.....

    you know i have got one lady friend,she pratices this,,, 5 to 6 days a week,she would watch her diet closely, then once a week,she will just hantam Kaw kaw, what's life if you cannot enjoy, right.

    by the way, i love "otak otak" very much, that's how we call it here, (your last picture)

    take care now

  3. Wah...if those food are served in front of me, I will also eat regardless of the time. hehe..... I love otak otak.

    Don't feel guilty of eating something you like. You don't eat them everyday right? Eat wisely while you still can and enjoy every bite. When old already, many things cannot eat already due to health reason or maybe toothless. hehehe.....

  4. You are not fat. If you are fat, then I will consider myself king kong already. :)
    Oh seeing those durian and otak-otak make me hungry again.

  5. The durian looks very fleshy and good! When I indulge in too much durians, the only worry I have is falling sick. Eating it once in a long while won't make you gain weight lah. Why punish yourself like that?

  6. I will eat first, worry later if this is to put in front of me! Hehehe..

  7. Yan u r slim...dun worry. Life indulged with great food is a happy thing.

  8. Hahaha... Otak otak isn't too fat lar!
    Btw, I'm also going to have a durian buffet tomorrow... :S

  9. Yoo the otak otak looks so tempting leh!! I like otak otak one! and the pao... *drooling*
    nvm lo, go yoga and sweat!

  10. Ah... love durian so much. And your otak2, it's not only delicious but full of loves from your FIL. You are so lucky to have him.

  11. oh my my! How could you show me pictures of durian! man man man! i miss eating them when I was in china :( too bad no one eats it here in the family.

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  12. Yes, I agree, must give face to FIL. Anyway, you shouldn't feel so guilty about eating them becos you have been restricting yourself a lot already. Look at me, I don't even think so much when there's nice food to eat....just wallop only! Hehehe!

  13. Hi Sheoh Ya, wow! The durians look fantastic.
    I love durians.
    Here we get them from Thailand....and I eat them half frozen, like ice cream, very nice.

    Have to triple wrap before throwing in garbage, or else people will think something died somewhere, ha ha.
    Have fun, Lee.

  14. I think most people will be like this I mean can't resist to eat in front of good food! Once in a while shouldn't be a big problem...


  15. Hello, I'm back from 2 weeks MIA!

    Wow, you are sure a durian lover! It's kinda heaty so remember to make more of your coconut luo han guo dessert!^-^

    Have a beautiful day ahead!