My husband has been out and busy with his job duties for the past 2 weekends and also this weekend. My children and I have hardly seen him for the past 3 weeks. I am certainly not happy at him for neglecting us for so long. I feel rather upset and I do not know where to release and whom to tell.

I let go my dissatisfaction to him a few nights ago, and he was disappointed at me. He claimed that I wasn't an understanding wife, and I didn't considerate him for working on his job responsibility. I kept quiet though I was still unhappy. I knew I was wrong for having so much frustration just because he wasn't spare enough time with the family.

When I heard people wishing me for having a nice weekend, I started to feel a bit down. A weekend without a husband at home will definitely not a happy weekend.

May be you will suggest me to enjoy my weekend with my 2 princesses. I will, but the picture ain't as lovely as a happy family used to be. I enjoy my husband company, so my princesses.
Furthermore, I have to cope with the children's revision, the children's tantrum, the children's meal time, and the house chore alone without any helper.

p/s: We are going for a short stay in KL next week. I wish my husband will compensate me with more cash to shop then. lol! I think this is a good way to make feel me a bit better. Ain't I realistic?


  1. Yan, i think your hubby is a great person, i'm sure. Don't think too much. The more you think the more it doesn't seems right. Take a break and have a pleasant weekend.

    BTW, i love your phrase: A weekend without a husband at home will definitely not a happy weekend.

  2. Hi Sheoh Yan, I understand how you feel. However, your hubby has his career and I believe he is aiming for the stars, to secure a better future for his family.

    We can have husbands working 8 to 5, home by 5.30 and being with his family day in, day out.
    Then there are husbands wanting a more exciting career, as well in the business world, it means travelling away from home.

    I know and understand it is tough on family life, on you....but you married him for better or worse....
    to ask him to stop or give up his present life you will have your hubby at home everyday, but will it make him happy? And maybe a different lifestyle too.

    During my working days, my wife only sees me maybe 3 or 5 days in a month. My kids hardly knew me. I missed many of my wife's birthdays, my kids too. I was more like an 'uncle' to them....
    My kids hardly knew me.

    Same time she knows at nights I would be doing my business entertaining, and most likely women involved too.

    Name the village, town, city all corners of Malaysia, include Sabah, Sarawak, or no star hotels, 5 star hotels, I most probably have been there or stayed there.

    And yes, when I asked her to be my wife, I told her what my work involves and I was reaching for the stars. Would she be crazy enough to have a hubby like me? She did....

    And all those years she motivated me.....keeping herself busy same time. My keeping in touch only by phone (no computers or emails then)...from Japan, Sarawak, Singapore...

    And when I finally made it, I tendered my resignation, gave up everything, and I mean everything....and started a new life here in Canada. Today she sees me 27/7 and my total devotion to her.....

    Oh ya, Sheoh Yan, we never had a maid those days...
    Life is tough, Sheoh Yan, but you will make it thru....with your princesses. Just keep yourself busy, you'll be fine, and your husband loves you very much, misses you too, every moment he's away. Believe it....as I was there. Lee.

  3. Well, I hope you and your family can enjoy yourself next week! ;)

  4. I know how you feel Yan because it's the same for me too. Right now hubs is out helping his friend do some stuff on a Sunday. I feel frustrated too but what can we do eh? The men said we have to be supportive of them :P Never mind lah...you can spend some quality with him and your girls while in KL to shop your heart out :D

  5. Dun worry, swap on the credit card for awesome shoes and clothes and will get much better!!! Haha..I also always complaining and grumbling for being neglected by my bf due to the stupid worldcup fever and he is a dye-hard fans for football..Really a football maniac!!! And so, he decided to plan a trip to Malacca as an apology to me for neglecting me! Hahahaha

    Plus, there is sales everywhere especially at Midvalley. Im working at Midvalleya and if by chance, there is ample of times, we can meet up!!


  6. Hey Sheoh Yan,

    Sometimes i too can get very angry with my lovely wife for something that she does, but when i think of her and how much i love her, everything else is not relevant anymore.

    i always like this chines idiom, dont know if you understand 小别胜新婚. after his long absence, go and spend sometime together lah, just the two of you...

  7. do hope you feel better la! don't be down, he's working hard for the money ma! he wants to give u guys the best!!! That are what man do for the family. hehe.

    I'm pretty sure he would say yes to anything you ask for! Your HIS princess :)

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  8. Hi Yan, my husband travels a lot too, it's just part of his job nature... it's taxing and tiring to shouder the household and kids without him(I even hate to go back to my mom alone with the kids)! I used to rant a lot and now I still rant sometime... until he got fadeup and claimed he was disappointed with me of not understanding him(sound familiar?)!

    I just hope he would appreciate the time with me and the kids when he is here, while I try to occupy my time with something more meaningful... when he is not available.

    Cheer up and have a pelasant K.L visit!
    p/s: We, women always the weaker party...

  9. You are not alone, Yan. My hubby is mostly away during weekdays and sometimes weekends too due to his job nature and I am left to tend to my son's needs alone. I even sacrificed my highly paid job to be a fulltime homemaker but so far I have no regrets. I am my boy's playmate, tuition teacher, chef, driver and everything I can think of.

    As what Alice says, we women are always the weaker party.

    Cheer up and I trust you will have an enjoyable trip in KL with your family.

  10. If his work needs him even on weekend then you should try to understand :-) yeah enjoy yourself & have a satisfying retail-therapy!


  11. so many mommy bloggers giving good suggestions to you.. sorry, i m in no position cos i m a single parent already..but those days when my husband was alive, he used to be a workaholic too, weekends also he would love to go back to office to look see look see.. sometimes he took us along.. well, it is all about patience and compromising and love. lol..

    btw, are u interested in writing a paid post for nurses uniforms? if u do, let me know..


  12. At one time, my hubby also travelled quite frequently because of work. Both Shenny and I felt so bored and headless when he was not around too.

  13. Hopefully, after grumbling, u'll feels a lot more better...

  14. yan, pls check your email.. thanks!

  15. At one time, my hubby also had to make frequent travel because of work. I do feel headless too.

  16. Most of the time, we do want to be understanding wives and give full support to our hubs but then sometimes our feelings don't lie and we just can't stop feeling frustrated. Well, looking on the brighter side, he's bringing u to KL soon to make up for it. So do enjoy your trip!