Movie: Toy Story 3

As a mother of 2 young children, there’s one movie I've looked forward since beginning of the year — and it’s Toy Story 3.

I brought April and May to meet the Toy Story's old friends like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie, and not to forget the new characters like Ken and Barbie dolls in last June school holiday.

My two preschoolers who are old enough to love the idea of going to the movies but far too young to be trusted to sit through a film by themselves. I’m hoping to get more out the experience than the air conditioning and popcorn.

"Toy Story 3" is a gorgeous kid-friendly movie — funny, sweet and clever in the tradition of the best Pixar movies. It’s so easy for Toy Story 3 to hold their full attention, and they required no trip at all to the snack bar and the bathroom. It is a film that essentially had babysat the children for a couple of hours, and one that’s worth the adult time as well.

I especially love the last part of the movie. When Andy plays with Woody, Buzz and all for the very last time, before he bids farewell and leaves for his college. Oh my! I almost cried and tried so hard to hold my tear. It is really a touching scene when Andy describing all his old friends to Bonnie.

After a few weeks, when I read aloud the Toy Story 3 book that I bought in Popular for my children, I again sobbed at the last page. Until I had to finish the last paragraph in my crying voice. Cartoon also can make me so emotional.


  1. Toy story is one of my favourite movies. All the part 1 to 3 never failed to make me sob. Behind those stories, there are good morals. Thumbs up! My girl also paid full attention throughout the whole movie.

  2. My sons told me "Despicable is better than" Toys story,dont know true or not....anyway my all time fav animated thus far is "the incredible"

  3. Hmm, I went to Yuyi last night and the tauke told me the DVD is not of clear version yet.. dont know have to wait for how long la~
    I heard many good reviews on this already!

  4. u r not alone. I will also cry when watching cartoon. We both have soft heart. hahaha

  5. I never cried ;) But I still love this nonetheless. And I have not watch TS1 AND TS2 yet :D

  6. There's something about the storyline and charming characters that are ever so captivating! I've been a TS fan since its first chapter. Both hub and I love it, so Chloe has no choice but to be a fan as well haha...