Office snack

This is the drawer under my office desk. Quaker oat meal and Fernleaf milk powder are my breakfast beverage. After lunch or 3pm tea time, I make myself a cup of no sugar white coffee religiously, otherwise I would suffer from migraine and end up taking penadol to survive through the last few hours before home.
Besides those beverages, I also keep some biscuits as my snack between meal. I am proud of myself as I do not store any unhealthy junk food like chocolates, sweets and tit bits.
What is in your office drawer other than those related to your work? Do your office snack different from mine?
Have a nice weekend everyone. I just wish to gain back some sleep that I lost during weekdays.


  1. Well, I have sachets of Milo and some milk powder at my office drawer, not forgetting some Lexus vegetable crackers... also, I will bring at least one type of fruit to office everyday.. heheh...

  2. wow, so much food in your drawer :D I don't keep any because i know i will eat nonstop. didn't know you have migraine. does drinking coffee helps?

  3. so healthy wor!!! I hardly eat oakmeals. i just dont really like it lor :)

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  4. Oh dear! I have unhealthy snacks in my drawer. haha.... junk food and love letters top the list. Err... biscuits and 3 in 1 milk tea.