Sea Coconut Luo Han Guo Dessert

**This is a backdated post.

Due to the hot weather, I decided to boil the sea coconut Luo Han Guo dessert to quench the thirst of my family and friends.

The ingredients,
300g Winter Melon Stick
2 (Luo Han Guo)
50g Dried Longan Pulp
10 Sea Coconut
5 honey date
2 Litre Water
3 to 4 pandan leaves for better aroma.
Drain the sea coconut and remove the skin. Cut the sea coconut into thin slice. Tie the pandan leave in a knot.
Put Luo Han Guo, sea coconut, honey date, winter melon stick and pandan leaves in the water and bring everything to boil in a pot.
Boil with medium heat for 1 hour. Add in the dried longan last. Then, continue to boil for 30 minutes.
Remove from fire and serve. I also kept some of the dessert chill in the refrigerator and bring to office on the next day to treat my best buddies in the office.


  1. Such a cooling dessert for a hot weather!
    Thanks! ;)

  2. Ahhhh... so envy, wish I'm your best buddies in the office! Drooling... slurp!

    Have a beautiful morning!

  3. Good, thanks for the recipe. Will try to cook this for my family too.

  4. Yumm .. can courier some to Singapore too :P

    The sea coconut is making me drool ..

  5. How I wish I had a colleague like you too! :P

    I like this dessert.. cooling and yummy!

  6. It's a delicious tong shui, I love sea coconut dessert.
    Thanks! And hope to taste it again in future :p

  7. delicious dessert and it is one of my favourite. eh Yan, i am still waiting anxiously on your posts regarding your KL trip :D pls post asap :D

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  9. This is so cheng leon..... stay healthy ya,drink a lot of fluid, not weahter is so erratic you know

  10. Wow, I can imagine slurping this down after it is chilled. Refreshing!

  11. I would like to have a glass of cold sea coconut please! hehehe... :-)


  12. u r so generous. boiled for your office buddies as well.

    I only like the 'soup' but not the 'liu'. Lazy to munch. haha...

    Just like drinking soup, I will only drink but never eat the ingreadient. Hubby love to share with me as he can have the best. haha

  13. Your tong sui looks so 'yun' and soothing, slurps!!

  14. OMG! the last picture really makes me thirsty now... weather is scotching hot today!!