Shopping loots fromm KL

I really had a good time shopping in KL, because a lot of shops are on sales. I didn't shop till I dropped, but I shopped smart till I laughed. Muahahaha!
These are all my proudest purchase. Kiahahahah!
I really enjoyed admiring all my new items, wearing each of them like the fashion parade. Then, I slowly removed their tags and folded them nicely.
La Senza was having sales up to 70%. 5 pieces of panties for RM75. There were so many designs and colours for my size. When I checked on them, I realised that I only chose pink and grey colours one. Why ah? I also don't know. Besides that, I also bought 1 pyjamas and 2 lingerie from La Senza.
Other than that, one item from Cotton On and Kitschen, and two items from Nichii.
Husband was motivated by me to buy 2 slim fit singlets for RM50 from Cotton On too. I teased him for showing off his muscles when putting on them.
I bought this pink girlie hand bag from Bonita at RM13. Later, I was bugged by April for giving it to her, as she said it has a very cute Hello Kitty's bow.
Since April has the pink bag, May also asked for one bag. I bought this at RM23 after 50% discount from Miss T.
April and May love Toy Story very much ever since they watched Toy Story 3 during the last school break. I found this Toy Story 3 limited edition Read-Aloud Storybook from Popular Bookstore at RM15.90. April asked me to wrap it with transparent plastic paper. She loves this book to bits, because she has all her ambiguous scenes answered by reading the story from the book herself.
Lastly, the above items weren't bought in KL. After taking a good night sleep at home sweet home, I went to pasar pagi on Sunday early morning. I couldn't resist to buy the lovely pink Hello Kitty and Minnie pyjamas for April and May, one stripy dress for May and one short pants for April. All 4 items cost me another RM75 poorer.


  1. Hi Sheoh Yan, I guess stores love people like you....
    and you have very good tastes in colours and cloths....
    Bet you smoked your credit cards too, ha ha.

    Wow! You don't take prisoners too, buying all that.
    Okay, next shopping, a new wardrobe, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  2. After hearing you mentioned KL sales, I'm really tempted to go KL la! The sales end on 1st Aug, I hope I could find time and make a trip there! ;)

  3. Good bargain.... shiok shopping at KL!!

  4. Wow! You really did enjoy your shopping spree huh?;P Good bargain you have got there..

  5. Enjoy shopping ya, Ermm, There's some similarity between us. We bought the same LaSenza Panty & we bought the same, Toy Story Book. LOL...

  6. your post made me laugh :D shopping is really very good therapy huh? it's best when we don't have to think about money :D i like your loot, especially the la senza stuff :D no shoes this time?

  7. Great grabs from KL. Since you've tempted me with all these goodies, I'm gonna pester my hubb to drive me to KL... or maybe Penang (near near also can already).

  8. It sure feels GOOD coming home with bags and bags full of new stuff! :)

  9. The white colour leather hand bag is very nice, and the Minnie pyjamas is darn cute!^-^

    Glad you enjoyed your K.L tour, have a wonderful weekend to you and your family!

  10. U really shop smart! So happy to have many NEW stuffs.

    The girlie handbag are very nice and CHEAP too!

  11. Wow, you really shop smart and have very good taste too.
    Ha..yesterday, I went for Sogo Warehouse Sale too. Lots of stuff on 70% and 80% sale. Sogo warehouse sale will be ended by 18th July. Today, Jusco mega sale just begin and it will ends by 31st August.
    Ha..can bug ur hubby to bring you all to come down KL again? hehehe..