Soup: Papaya Dried Octopus Peanut soup

I was indulged in papaya recently. Other than papaya milk that I blogged earlier and I also used papaya as one of the ingredients in the soup recipe. I heard that when taking a lot of papaya soup during teenage, one would have grown up to have good boobies. But then I guess I was too old to know this.
1 medium size of green papaya
2 pieces of dried octopus
100 grams of peanut
250 grams of pork meat
a pinch of salt
I still prefer the corn, carrot and apple soup. Papaya soup didn't taste as sweet as the the corn, carrot and apple soup.
Other than the soup, there were also stir-fried spinach, and baked beans with eggs.
These were a simple home cooked meal that I prepared for my family during weekend. Mind telling me, what you normally eat during weekend?


  1. Your papaya soup looks yummy and nutritious. We usually eat out during weekends.:P

  2. So u can prepare papaya soup for your girls since it's a bit late for u! hahaha... (just kidding ok) Anyway, it must be very nice with so many ingredients! Like the simple dishes there & we usually dine out during weekend.


  3. I like papaya too, especially blended papaya with milk! ahaha :D
    but my MIL said too much of papaya is not good for skin, as our skin will become yellowish...
    I eat out during weekend, rice or noodles... ;)

  4. yummy and wholesome meal :) we eat out most of the time during weekends :D

  5. Ha..it certainly not too late for your daughters to start drink papaya soup now. :)
    Since I cook for family during weekdays, so I prefer to eat out during weekends.

  6. It will be the normal rice + dishes + soup during weekends. Nothing special, unless MIL got wedding dinner to attend, we will eat out. hehe...

    I love papaya.

  7. I love soups regardless of western or oriental style, kiahahaha! That's a very simple recipe for a lazy mama like me, hehehe... since I'm a lazy cook, we normally eat out during the weekend! Sometime would prefer to 'chi chan' at my MIL or mother's house!:p

    Have a lovely weekend to you!

  8. Hi Sheoh Yan, now this what I call food for the Gods....wow! I love that papaya dish....and i'm sure three plates of rice will disappear fast too, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  9. the papaya soup looks yummy and healthy! looks like you master it la wor!! hehe. good job yan :)

    have a fabulous weekend love.

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  10. Your papaya soup looks so rich and flavourful! What a nice and simple weekend meal you've dished out. I cook from Mon-Fri. Sat & Sun are my rest days so we usually eat out (since we usually spend the whole day in the malls).