Unexpected treats from highly unlikely

My two office buddies have blogged about the goodies that bought by a colleague from China. I also have given my most favourable comments there. Please feel free to check here and here.

An hour later, more snacks were delivered to our cubicles. These unexpected treats were given by someone who is highly unlikely one.

I quickly checked my work station for hidden recorder, how come he could hear us? 3 of  us started to speculate who is the spy, or is him our silent reader too. I hope not. I pray....

Here, Hayley and Yvonne make me taking back what I have said in the comment. He actually bought us something too. Hehehehe!
Told you all before, I am a realistic person wert!


  1. Wakakaka.... Very unexpected souvenir from someone so tangkai jering (stingy).

  2. Muahahaha, you're right! There could be hidden recorder/cameras around us... cham liao!

  3. Hi Sheoh Yan, nowdays there's all kinds of hi-tech stuff one can hide or place at or in places least known and listen or even take videos without person knowing.
    And these gadgets are smaller than a button, even small too.

    I know couple of office people, lady wears a brooch with a hidden camera and voice recorder....records any unpleasant remarks from her boss.

    The man too, has a camera in his tie pin, voice recorder too.....
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  4. woahhhhh! I love eating snacks but never tried these ones wor!!! :) hehe

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  5. Hehe.. me too.. must take back the comments I left at Hayley's blog.

    Someone is eavesdropping..Ssssshhhh..:P

  6. Haha... not bad lah, at least got something from your boss. I really miss this fun part of receiving goodies from colleagues returning from overseas.

  7. maybe this person wants to buy your heart or maybe he knows your other colleague bought some for all of you so he wants to look generous too :D

  8. hahaha.....hmmm.....silent reader huh! hahaha..

  9. OOohhh....I love trying snacks from China! Hehehe.....probably that person's eyes and ears are everywhere! ^ ^

  10. haha sometimes people will change you know when the mood is good and all that he/she will be different out of a sudden. Anyway, it's good for u ladies with lotsa snack to munch!