Western and Chinese set lunches for <= RM10 only

Lunch Set 1 - Western
My buddies in the office went to enjoy their RM9.90 Western set lunch at LA Promise cafe when I was on leave. Yvonne and Hayley had also blogged about it here and here. They are so sweet. They brought me there again when I came back to work. True enough, great things are meant to be shared. Selfish will turn you into a fisherman next life. My joke is cold. Wakakaka!

Salad was the starter.

Ice lemon tea to quench the thirst.

Breaded fish with Texas sauce was the main course.

Chocolate cake and ice cream was the dessert.

All only RM9.90.

Lunch Set 2- Chinese
A Yoga buddy of mine opened a Chinese restaurant recently. I promised her that I would do some marketing job in my office for her restaurant. Free of charged one!

My buddies again gave their support to Yang Seng Ge, the name of the restaurant. Please see here and here.

Soup + rice + dessert = RM6.50.

Sambal petai as an extra dish

Total bill is around RM10.
Restaurant Yang Sheng Ge (养生阁)

84, Jalan Tupai,
34000 Taiping

Lunch Set 3 - Western

Thank God is Friday and my mood was really good, especially the boss wasn't in the office. Wakakaka! Good mood must have good food. There we went to Nagaria for another <= RM10 Western set lunch.
Cream of mushroom soup with toasted garlic bread as the starter.
The black papper chicken chop.
A cup of coffee and a scoop of ice cream were served after the main course.

One set lunch from Nagaria is only RM9.
Which lunch set you like? Set 1, 2 or 3?


  1. Yummy! Looking at the photos made me hungry now :S

    I like all of them actually, but if really want to chose, I like Set 1 the most! :D

  2. Wow..there are darn cheap. I love all sets actually but set 3 the most.(because I like black pepper.)

  3. why are they so darn affordable with so much to chose from???? too bad there's none of that here lah!!! otherwise i dont even need to cook at home.

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  4. They all look yummy to me. For a full course like that, the price is really very "dai"!

  5. Oh..I will go for no.3. I love mushroom soup and black pepper.

  6. I love mushroom and black peppe, it will be heavenly going with toasted bread as well

  7. wishing you a great week ahead too and god bless

  8. I love them all. Er, when are we going again?