April is Papa's love

Why I said April is Papa's love?

1. Papa talks to April more.
2. Papa protests April more.
3. Papa smiles to April more.
4. Papa scolds April less.
5. Papa is closer to April.

All these happen may be Papa loves April 2 years more than May. Or I should say my husband has loved April for 6 years and loved May for only 4 years. Not too sure whether I am right in applying mathematics  this way.
Last Sunday, we brought the children to ride their bicycles around our housing area. When we had locked the door, April told me her anklet was bleeding due to her over scratched on the mosquito bite. I responded by showing her a 'not big deal' gesture, and I rushed her to get on the bicycle quickly. .
She turned and showed her leg to Papa. Papa checked carefully on the wound. Then he opened the door and went into the house again.
He back with some tissue papers to wipe his Apple Pie's leg.
I am sure April knows well our reaction towards her wound. Mummy is so ignorance and papa is so attentive. 
I have told my husband many times that he has showed his love towards his princesses in an obvious unequal manner, but he still denied.


  1. Hahaha... I have to agree with your mathematic formula. But I'm sure your hubb loves both his princesses.

    Ahem, your hubb's biceps are so muscular. Kakaka...

  2. Your hubby is very 细心 :)

    Haha, agree with Yvonne, your hubby's biceps are really muscular! :0

  3. Ohh...i like the way you applies the maths over here. It is true. hehe

    Your hubby is so caring. How nice ^_^

  4. normally daddy is "gentler" towards their daughters.. dont ask me why, i just know...

  5. awwww.....so sweet. i've heard that father and daughter are actually lovers in previous life...hehhehhehe. not sure about father with many daughters though...hahahahhaa

  6. So sweet. Your hubby is a very caring father. I think better try not to compare, May might feel sad if she knows her father love her jiejie more.

  7. awww woah! look at ur sweet husband lah. you are very lucky la. if its those traditional chinese man - i think they wouldn't care and let woman care for these things ehh?? hehe ur husband so caring!!!

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  8. From my eyes I can see some parents will have more affection towards a particular child to another although they deny. Anyway, this is not uncommon! Your hubby has a solid-built body there, he goes gym often with you?


  9. Your husband is so sweet and caring.. From making juice for you to tending to April's mozzie bites..Just that you haven't seen him doing something sweet for May doesn't mean that he loves her any lesser.

  10. huhuhuhu!!! My husband also attend to Juan Juan more compared to little bro, perhaps you calculation is something to be considered!^-^

    Have a lovely day!

  11. Hahaha! I think it's justified to have your maths calculation seen that way to support why Papa loves April more ^_^ Wow, your hubby is really attentive to April even though it's just a small wound.

  12. I think there is a tendercy to love the youngest child more. sometimes unconsciously.