Don't speak

This evening, I was really tired. Actually, I felt tired in almost all the evening. as I worked really hard from 8 to 6. My work needs me to sit in front of the computer and use all the brain cells to program. Sad to say, I just started to like my job though I have been in the workforce for a total of 11 years.

Ooops! I have shifted to far from today topic.

Back to the point. I dragged my tired body to go for the Yoga class. Simply because I could feel that my uniform and skirt were thighter than before.

Upon reaching the fitness center, one of the yoga pals said, "Hey! Yan, are you putting on weight? I can see extra flesh at your back and buttock.".I replied, " Yes, I have put on weight, about 2 to 3kgs, and I am so sad ....all blame to me whole day sitting in the office, very less movement,.... input is more than output....."

To all my dearest friends, I won't be upset. If you are to tell me, I am horrible, I am dark, I am old, I am not pretty, I am too tall,.....or any other negative remarks. But, my emotion will be seriouly impacted, if someone tell me that I am FAT. So, if I don't ask you whether I am fat, please don't speak. Ok?


  1. i think you look gorgeous. cheer up.. have a nice day, been a silent reader for a while. u hv two cute angels :)

  2. I know I know, weight is a sensitive issue.. I also dont like other people comment on my weight, hahah :D

    But dont worry, you still look good ok!
    Enjoy your weekend! ^^

  3. You have the privilege to put on a little bit of weight and won't look fat at all 'cos you've got the height! :P Have a nice weekend..

  4. For me, if my hubby feels alright with my figure, I never bother how other people look at me. Ha..probably you can do the same.
    Frankly said, you are very much slimmer than me lar.

  5. I don't think tall is a -ve remark my dear darling!

    Oh I can see you're one very important figure to the company, emm... maybe can request for more privileges at the right time :-)


  6. oh i can understand how you feel because i hate that kind of remarks too. however trust me Yan, even if you put on 10 lbs, it is not noticeable because you are so tall. anyway, i really don't understand why ppl have to ask/comment about weight whenever they see their friends *shake head*

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  8. Ok...noted. Don't feel bad, ok. Sweat it out and you will feel better.

  9. Yeah, agree that weight issues can be really sensitive. I used to HATE it when people told me I'm fat too... until the day I had a very serious health problem that made me lost more than 10kg! From then on, I realized I'd rather be "fat" and healthy than slim but "sick".

    So, as long as you are healthy, be thankful! :)

  10. Hi Sheoh Yan, to me a woman is never 'fat'....but ha ha, voluptuous.
    And I have always loved ahemmm, voluptuous women, not for me the skinny ones, ha ha.

    There are 2 things never to tell a woman...
    1/ about her shoes, unless its a compliment that they're beautiful.
    2/ Never, ever tell a woman she's put on weight. For a man to tell that to a woman, its committing hara kiri, ha ha.
    If a woman? Habis cherita!

    And....you're the kind of lady, under different circumstances, I'll release my handbrakes, make my florists happy to have a dinner date with.....

    And nothing less that Singapore's Raffles Hotel or Penang's E&O.... or KL's Carosa. And you wearing a cheong sum, *wink*.

    Sheoh yan...you look good...so stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  11. Oh Yan, dun be upset. I agreed with Shenny Mommy have said. If your hubby doesn't say a word or two, I'm sure its fine. I will hate it if my hubby told me that too. The rest comments - I dun really bother. I even know sometimes, the challenge is between ourselves. I understand your feeling. Yan you really look great and I always envy ur height! I like the way u wear maxi dress - really gorgeous leh! Stay strong n think positive! Everything will be just fine!

  12. Haha, yes... Telling a woman that she's fat is like committing a crime. Never ever say, "fat", "extra weight", or so on if you never wanted to offence her.

  13. I heard that remark too.. but i admit i do put on weight compared to previous months.. anyway, it shouldnt upset me but it did.. hahhaa.. so kind of motivate me to lose some extras here and there..
    dont be so sad, Yan.. on the positive side, we r blessed with such good food, right?!!

  14. Haha... This is a sensitive issue for me as well. I think you look great!

  15. haha....sorry to laugh but your last sentence is very RIGHT !

    Hope you don't feel bad anymore. Some people just tend to be too straight forward.