Face Masks

Time flies, one more month, we are entering the last quarter of 2010. Most festivals are celebrated towards  end of the year. There are, Malaysia National Day in August, Hari Raya Puasa in September, Halloween in October, Thanksgiving and Deepavali in November, and Christmas in December. It is never too early to prepare yourself with all these upcoming holidays.

If you are going to celebrate Halloween this year, I am here to recommend you a fresh idea. Instead of using lots of color and outrageous make-up, you can get yourself great Venetian Masks as a new tips to dress up your Halloween costumes.

Perhaps, Full Face Masks is the best choice to make you stand out in the Halloween party. Moreover, you can save your effort and time in thinking of what make-up to put on your face for the night.

If you want to be Cat Woman, get the cat mask. There are animals and other varieties which you can find in Venetian Masks.

I have just talked about the Chinese Hungry Ghost month which fall on the seventh month in Chinese Lunar Calendar, and it is actually now in August 2010. Luckily, the Chinese Hungry Ghost month isn't fallen on the same date as the Halloween holiday. Otherwise, the street will be quite happening.

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  1. Nice writing!

    If I were to attend any Halloween, I'd prefer face masks rather than make up, save time and can change anytime! :D