Other than taking milk

My two girls are still taking 3 times of milk daily in between 2 main meals of rice, porridge or noodles. One feeding in the morning before they go to school, one feeding in the noon before their nap and the last feeding is before bedtime at night. They both had successfully weaned from bottle, and started to drink from cup since April this year. April takes 7 oz of milk and May takes 5 oz each feeding.

When the refrigerator is stocked up with yogurt drink, I will substitute one of the milk feedings with the yogurt drink on weekend afternoon. Yogurt is also a good source of calcium and protein. Besides, it contains of other health benefits.

Here are just a few of its health benefits in the daily diet:
o It's loaded with friendly bacteria called lactobacillus acidophilus that is tolerated and assimilated better by those with allergies.
o Vitamins B and C are increased when raw milk is fermented into yogurt and other products, like kefir and raw cheeses.
o It protects from bone loss.
o Fermenting milk breaks down difficult to digest milk proteins, so those that are lactose intolerant can usually enjoy the healthy benefits of yogurt.
o Lactase is an enzyme in fermented milk that breaks down the lactose in the digestive system, so yogurt improves digestion.
o Yogurt is very beneficial for young nursing mothers, children, the elderly and those that are ill.
o Yogurt helps fighting infectious diseases.


  1. milk and yogurt is delish.btw, when i am young, my mum make me drink honey everyday. honey is good too =D

  2. I love yogurt drinks too! I like the blackcurrant flavor from Nestle!

  3. i haven't drank milk and yogurt for awhile lah!! i guess its good for them to get into an habit of drinking milk hor??? i should too - its healthyy!!

    have a lovely day!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  4. Yogurt, juice and milk are essential for our body. My fridge is never without them :D They not only rich in health benefits, they also quench my thirst especially during these hot days. Thanks for sharing the info!

  5. goldflower, you mum is great. I actually make them drink honey everyday too. A cup of honey a day, keep sore throat away.

    Hayley, I prefer the yogurt more than the yogurt drink.

    Jenny, we have to increase the intake of calcium, if you seldom take milk or yogurt.

    Angeline and Yvonne, yogurt is healthy.

  6. Kids sure love yoghurt drinks. I usually buy Vitagen or Yakult because they have the less sugar ones... and it's best used as rewards, bribes or surprises for Chloe haha.

  7. I usually buy yoghurt for Gwen not the drink. Maybe should get some yoghurt drink for the whole family.

    Gwen is 4 years old but still drinking from the bottle. Don't know how to start weaning her off the bottle lah..hehe.

  8. the dairy products in malaysia is so processed and full of additive, sugar and articial flavor.the fresh milk from australia will only expire after a month.my children rejected all the dairy products (yoghurt, milk, yoghurt drink) in malaysia.they only have milk formulae.i tasted yoghurt drink myself and can really understand why my children reject it.

  9. Hi Sheoh Yan, milk always good for children. Here kids, adults drink milk like nobody's business.
    Me...I have it with my iced coffee only.
    Milk gives good healthy teeth too, as well good complexion.
    Soya drink good too.
    Have a nice day,Lee.

  10. Wow, your girls still drink milk 3x a day, that's very good! My 2 older girls only drink once a day. I give them calcium tabs as supplement.