They've got their ears pierced

Last Friday was 19th day of the 6th month, was to celebrate the anniversary of the enlightenment of Kuan Yin, and this was the day most little girls would get their ear pierced. My MIL had been bugging me to bring my two princesses for ear piercing beginning of the year.

Despite the busy work load for the past one week, I still decided to take a half day off and brought them to the goldsmith shop.

In the car, I briefly told them what was ear piercing all about, and also how would one feel after the ear piercing was done. Also, I promised to buy them KFC Chicky Meal set which come together with Power Puff Girl toy hand phone and diary book after the ear pierced.
Little May had finally got her ear pierced. She didn't show any fear and didn't cry at all.
Same go to April. Both choose the pink stone earrings.
Now, I do the following twice a day to take good care of their ears.

1.Wash my hands thoroughly.
2.Use a cotton ball or swab to apply rubbing alcohol or antibiotic ointment to the earlobe or lobes.
3.Gently rotate the earring in the ear.

They let me do the item 2 without any fuss, but they still refused to let me do item 3. I have to leave the earrings in until their ears are completely healed. This usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks.


  1. Wow finally.. April and May are tough girls, they dint cry.. :)

  2. Hey, i never knew that on Kuan Yin's birtday,girls get their ears pierced, new to me hahahah.

    thank you for the information,,

    take care now and love those pictures

  3. Wow, got their ears pierced at last.

    No wonder you chose last Friday to go on leave. It's a special day for ears piercing. I never knew that, like Eugene too.

  4. Wah, so young already had their ears pierced. I had mine pierced at 17. Quite painful leh. May and April are really tough girls :)

  5. wow, the girls are so brave. i remember getting mine pierced only when i was a teenager :D

  6. Bravo May and April. I think step 3 is quite important to avoid the ear ring stick to skin. If that happen, could be very painful. May be you could try to do it when they sleep.
    Ha..my girl, Shenny had her ear-pierce Nov last year, similar did that on Guan Ying's birthday (19 Sept in Chinese Calendar). She didn't cry also. I did blog on this last year. (http://shennyhau.blogspot.com/2009/11/ear-pierce.html)

  7. Din know girl got their ear pierced during Kuan Yin's b'day. Your girls are tough! I had mine pierced when I was about 16 years old. I nearly cried. So painful.

  8. i remember getting a lot of piercing in my high school years. it was the "trend" but now left with 2 lah. all got infected!!! my skin very sensitive lor.

    looks like they love their ear pierce wor. with no fuss too :)

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  9. Your girls are so brave!! Though my #2 is very vain, but when I asked her if she wants her ears pierced, it's a big NO!! haha!

  10. Bravo! Your girls are very brave for their age! I asked for my ears to be pierced when I was about 6 yrs old and permission was granted.