A visit to my primary school

I had a visit to my primary school today at my lunch break. The reason I went there was to confirm April's place in SRJK Hua Lian I, at the same time make a transfer request to SRJK Hua Lian II. A bit confuse right?

I actually registered April in Hua Lian I a year ago. I received the confirmation letter 2 weeks ago, which requested me to go and sign up at the school office. However, I changed my mind and thought of letting her to get her primary education at Hua Lian II. Therefore, I went to confirm and make a school transfer at the same time.
Hua Lian I and Hua Lian II are sharing the same building since many many years ago. Both schools take turn to switch between morning and afternoon class every year. When Hua Lian I in the morning, Hua Lian II will be in the afternoon, and vice versa. Hua Lian II was my husband and my primary school. (but, we weren't in the same class, and we weren't in love at that time.) 
Hua Lian II just confirmed to have a site to build a new 4th floor building, which located next to the current building. Obviously, this is the reason I want to make the transition today. I hope April and May can get a chance to utilize the new building in future.
The field, the classroom, the office, the toilet and the canteen were almost the same as in 25 years ago.
A typical government school class room.
Only this school hall was the only building that wasn't exist at that time. It is the assembly place for the students now. I remember that we weren't that lucky, we needed to stand on the field, be it cold or hot during the  assembly session.
Upon leaving, I dropped by the canteen as I haven't got my lunch.
Drink, snacks, economy rice, mee curry, mee laksa and mee soup were all sold there.
Nuggets, fish balls, sausages and other light snacks were also available.
One last picture at the canteen, before my mee curry was packed. Look at the boy. Cover his face from paparazzi shot.

p/s: The mee curry from the canteen was very nice, I forget to take a picture when I had it.
I will only receive the school transfer notice by November. If April is getting the place in Hua Lian II, she will be in afternoon class next year.


  1. So, April is in morning or afternoon school next year? My son attends afternoon school which I initially hesitated as he wasn't used to the schooling hours but it turned out to be just nice. No more rushing hours and he gets to sleep in a bit.

  2. Wah nowadays got mixed rice somemore? Those days where got? It's was like everybody surrounding the auntie near the HOT soup and keep yelling:" Auntie Laksa! Auntie Curry!"
    Did you have that experience?

  3. Oh...is that boy covered his face from ur camera shots??

  4. Haha the last photo so funny!
    I was from Hua Lian I, seeing your photos brought back alot of good old memories!
    I do miss my school and fellow classmates!

  5. Yan & Hayley, your primary school still stands beautifully on its ground. Mine sudah kena demolished years ago *sob sob*

  6. Yan, U r just a great mom doing survey and choose the right school for her. April must b proud of her mother.

  7. Oh...too many students therefore they have to break into 2 'Hua Lian'? Morning and afternoon? Hope your wish is granted :)

  8. April gets to study in the same school as her mummy. How cool! :) I'm currently scouting for the nearest Chinese primary school for Chloe too.

  9. hope u get the school u wanted for your girl..
    cute pic last one.. sure camera shy.. hahaa..

  10. Both Hua Lian I and II are the same school? just that they take turn to operate the class?

  11. Haha..go back to the previous primary school, surely a lot of memory flash back. How nice! However, for me, I would prefer my daughter to attend morning class.
    Btw, did you bounce into any of your previous teacher?

  12. Hello Sheoh Yan, you know, I enjoy seeing pics like yours of the school, etc....it brings back memories to me.
    We have been here 23 years and lost touch with Malaysia.
    Sheoh Ya, your daughter will study Mandarin as well Bahasa and English, right?

    We have a friend here, she and family migrated here last year. One 10 year old girl, boy 12....both from Chinese schools in KL....they very good in maths, very good in bahasa, but English little bit poor....
    I guess they speak more Mandarin, right?

    But past 6 months they improved very fast and daughter scoring very high marks in school....English too improving fast.

    Oh ya, my wife's niece too arrived here 4 months ago, got their PR 6 months ago...with a teen daughter. Going to high school. Now Summer holidays, 3 months.

    I love curry mee....mee laksa.
    You take great pictures too.
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  13. A nice walk down memory lane...


  14. brings back a lot of memories eh??

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  15. Surely it's nice to go back to see the school where you went to last time...brings nostalgic feelings. Hope you get what you want! :-D