The Friday of Raya Hari Pertama

Though it was backdated, but I would like to record how we spent the Friday of Raya Hari Pertama.
After waking up, I rushed April to brush the teeth, bath and change. I helped her to blow and tie her hair, and then pack clothes and pajamas for her in the pink bag. She herself packed her pink teddy bear and a tumbler in the green paper bag. Then, her ex-nanny came to pick April up to her house for an over night stay.
There left only little May and myself at home. Papa was covering his Malay colleagues at work. Little May occupied my computer access all alone. My house was extraordinary quiet and I did some house chores to kill the time.
Husband came back with some Raya goodies like lemang, ketupat, rendang chicken and curry dal that he packed from his office's celebration with colleagues. I really appreciated him for thinking of me while enjoying his food, but when he was back with these nice goodies, it was already 9.30pm at night. It was too fat for me to take these food at this hour. In order not to waste his effort, I still wallopped. T__T.
Little May had no interest to do other things, except go online to browse Disney and Barney website again in the evening. Husband and I watched the downloaded version of TVB dramas till quite late in the night.
April was back on the next afternoon. There again, they had playmates and made my house in chaos again.


  1. Aww... the sisters are so loving at the last picture. Give each other a big hug after separating for a day.

    Your raya delicacy is so tempting.... Now I start missing those yummy rendang from Has' open house.

  2. Ya, agree with Yvonne, the sisters are so loving in the last picture..
    I hardly remember what I did on Hari Raya Pertama.. =_=

  3. ohh....the malay food....i will wallop also regardless of the time.

    wah....jie jie got the strength to carry mei mei....

  4. Hello Sheoh Yan, I guess for the non Malays, all had a relaxing holiday. No holidays here.....but the Canadian law allows people of whatever religion, race to take a day off on their New Year or Hari Raya or Chinese New Year.

    Only X'mas is a long break of about 10 days, include the New Year.

    Gosh, I like your that black settee, and can see you keep a very tidy and clean home, with 2 young kids around.
    I have been to homes here, look like robbers had ransacked their homes, real messy, kitchen too.

    A friend has a 1/2 million home, and the kitchen, Holy Smoke, real messy. Pity....a beautiful home, but wife abit on the malas side, whole time say "got no time". And only 1 kid, 1 small dog! And hubby pf course, ha ha.

    The HR food looks great.And I too feel happy have eaten HR food here unexpectedly too, as well receiving a present from the King.
    You have a nice evening....Lee.

  5. I'm always the one who walloped the leftover food. -_-

    Aww...they are so happy to be together again. So sweet and warm looking at the pic of your princesses.

  6. Haha, so cute to see April carry May.

  7. Oh my, April is such a strong girl, she is able to carry her sister?!!!o_O

    Cheers and have a nice day!

  8. looks like April had a lot of fun with her friend hor :)

    have an awesome day!!!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca