Lunch after photo shooting

After we had done with April's graduation photo shooting, we went for lunch at 'Restoran Aun Loke'. The 'taukeh' has to thank Hayley for hard selling its curry fish head in her blog.
When I took out my Nokia 5800 to snap picture, the 'taukeh soh' was so happy. She even said to me, "Take la! Take more nice pictures. A lot of people also took picture of my dishes one.". In my heart, I think must be Hayley and her gang, who else?
Starter was pineapple, cucumber, onion and chilly.
Crispy meat roll (Bak Kian in hokkien).
Clay pot bean curd and mixed vegetable.
Salty grilled chicken (Yim Guk Kai in Cantonese).
Hayley said this is the best in town curry fish head. Honestly speaking, it is hard to find very nice curry fish head in my place, so this Aun Loke Curry Fish Head can consider not bad. The best curry fish head that I have ever tried is at Bercham, Ipoh, but I forgot the restaurant name. Any one from Ipoh know this?


  1. I love to try out this restaurant after much advertising from both of you and Hayley.

    Sadly, it was full house when we passed by yesterday :(

  2. Haha, I think not just me la, this restaurant is quite popular (especially people from outstation).. Sometimes I passed by, I saw many outstation car plates...

  3. Wah..your Nokia 5800 can take such nice pics..impressive. The fish head curry really looks delicious.

  4. Wow, April graduated already... time really flies!!! I like the curry fish head too!^-^

    Happy holidaying to may and April!

  5. haha...the tauke soh very funny. Got give you discount or not?

  6. The lunch is so yummy... making me hungry now :)

    April looks so sweet in her graduation robe. Kids nowadays are so "advanced"... kindy also got graduation ceremony :)