My 4 years old is paging the tooth fairy

Last Friday, I got home from work. Before I went out again to pick my princesses up from Nanny's house. My husband called from office. He told me something that really shocked me to faint. He visited the children in the afternoon and noticed little May has a loose tooth in the upper front teeth. I totally couldn't accept this news. How could this happen? I brushed their teeth religiously every evening before bedtime. I weaned them off from drinking through milk bottle early this year. I gave them junk food only once in a while. I made them drink a lot of fluid whenever I was around. My mind totally went blank and I hurriedly went to nanny's house to check on her.
I kept questioned the nanny for what could have caused her tooth loose. Did she knock it on something? The nanny couldn't give me an explanation, so as my cheeky 4 years old. I kept thinking for it over and over. I went googling for the possibility to have loose tooth before 5 years old. I felt a little bit better and comfort when I found a picture of Shiloh and Pax from this link here. Shiloh lost her front tooth when she was only 3.
According to my searching in Baby Center on loose tooth. There is impossible for a child to lose her tooth before 5 years old. If it is happened, it mostly due to bad dental hygiene or accidence. The accidence can be knocked or pulled.
I actually gave her a good scolding and pro-long nagging. I reprimanded her to brush her teeth day and night thoroughly with a small amount of adult tooth paste, Darlie. I also forbid her from having any junk food like sweets and chocolate at this moment. The loose tooth is still there and is definitely paging for a tooth fairy soon.

Do you happen to see any child with a loose tooth at 4 years old?


  1. I think there's nothing much to worry about. I was concerned too when my boy had his 1st tooth fall-out at 4+. I then read from an article that if the child teeth erupted early, chances are they'll fall out early and vice versa.

    I have a related blog entry here:


  2. How old was May when she had her first tooth? Ian's when he was 4 months+.

  3. it's ok Yan. I bet May would still look cute and pretty without 1 tooth :) Maybe she bit on something really hard recently hence the loose tooth?

  4. I'm quite baffled by this too. No worries. Maybe bring her to the dentist?

  5. hahaha i remember i believe in the tooth fairy when i was a kid!!!! but never did i get any money from them. hehehe

    have a nice day!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  6. Sigh... when May's tooth loose, you feel like all your hard efforts are wasted, right? Furthermore, a complete set of teeth looks more 'beautiful'.

    I'll soon get the chance too. Every parent does, when little kiddo's baby teeth is replaced with adults'.

  7. Ian's mom, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experince with me. May got her first teeh at around 7th month. But her loose tooth look quite stable at this moment, hope can drag for some time, before it really fall out.

    Barb,you could be right too. May likes to hold object to bite. I also suspected that she caused the loose tooth by biting on the school bag strap, and pulling the strap from the tooth again and again.

    Mummy Gwen, yeah! I will monitor her loose tooth closely, if it is needed to visit dentist.

    Jenny, I told both my girls the tooth fairy's story, and I am now having a hard time how to put money below their pillow when they are asleep.

    Yvonne, the early can be 5 years old, the later can 7 years old. Your Avery got her first tooth late, she may also lose it later.

  8. hi - 1st time here at your blog.

    looks like your girl could have knocked on something. 4 yrs is too early for the tooth to loosen, unless there's an 'extra' tooth coming out that's pushing it.

    anyway, if you don't brush your child's teeth well, it will cause decay - not loose teeth. so it's not your fault, really.

    one thing i noticed is your girl has crowded teeth. she will most probably require braces in the future as the permanent teeth will be bigger in size.

    anyway, if you are worried, just make a trip to the dentist. it will be a good experience. children should start dental visits as early as possible.

    btw, drinking from milk bottle will not cause decay - but if your child drinks it to sleep or drinks it slowly and continuously throughout the day, it does cause tooth decay. we dentists always advise to brush after drinking milk before sleeping.

    hope this helps!

  9. I agree with Hui-Wearn too that if the child's teeth is not brushed well over a substantial period of time, the teeth will decay as in showing black colour marks at those nook and cranny of the teeth, but definitely not loose tooth. Maybe her permanent tooth erupts early or maybe she knocked her tooth onto something hard.

  10. I don't think this is caused by eating junk food/ sweet stuff. It's just that kids grow and go through certain experiences earlier than others so don't nag or punish her like that. You've already done your part in keeping good oral hygiene for the girls.

    (Haha, talking is easy but if this happens to Chloe, I will surely get very upset too)

  11. For me, I will worry if Shenny had her front teeth fall off at age of four. She even had her tooth refilled at age of three (http://shennyhau.blogspot.com/2009/06/shennys-dental-clinic-visit.html).
    She didn't eat many sweets but her teeth get cavity. It was my fault because I let her use wrong type of toothbrush. After that, I only buy ORAL-B brand toothbrush.
    I brought her to see dentist again recently, the dentist asked me to make sure good care of teeth inside her jaws. Those teeth must keep good care till 9 or 10 year old.

  12. It's ok lar. It's only her baby tooth, the permanent tooth will grow again. Some children's permanent teeth sprout out earlier, thus the baby tooth will drop earlier too.
    BTW, did May cut her first tooth at an early age, i.e. b4 6 months old?

  13. I don't think it's a big problem 'coz some kids will have their permanent teeth earlier than others, no worry ok?


  14. LOL... "all I want for X-mas is my 2 front teeth, my 2 front teeth~", she looks sweet even without her front tooth!

    Poor May, it's not her fault and try not to nag so much on her.:)