My Moon Cake Festival Evening

As usual, every year we had to go to PIL house to celebrate the Moon Cake Festival. After taking dinner with my two princesses at home, I hurried them to finish their homework. Then only we went to granny's house to play lanterns.
When we reached, the house had already filled with Mid-Autumn atmosphere.
April, May and their cousin brother.
The traditional Moon Cake celebration snacks and fruit were prepared by SIL and MIL.
When we had done with the praying, my princesses took a lot of snacks. I was surprised as they told me they were very full after taking dinner an hour ago.
They continued playing candles until 10pm. We said good bye with granny and left for home.

p/s: I like seeing my princesses sharing a bench the whole evening.


  1. Thank God the weather was nice last night!

    Sure your princesses enjoyed themselves..

  2. The atmosphere in your in-laws house looks very humble, although it was just a small gathering.

  3. Aww...so sweet both of them sharing the bench.

    Such a great celebration. ^_^

  4. Nice and simple celebration. I'm sure the girls had fun playing with lanterns and candles.

    We did nothing at all. Hub came home late from work. We had late dinner and a few pieces of mooncake for dessert, that's all.

  5. this look really traditional ar :) looks like the kids all had fun wor!! good good.

    have a wonderful day !!!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  6. "The more you share, the more you gonna get~" how sweet your princesses are!

    I missed all this mid autumn fun, it has been a long time I didn't get to play with candles, specially with my beloved siblings!T-T

  7. LOL! Children will never say they are full once they see got snacks to eat even though they have just finished their main meal! Hehehe!