Snow mountain

Sorry for the long hiatus. I am back, but still not being able to stay online for long. At work, I am  meeting project dateline. At home, whenever I wanted to go online, my two princesses would come fighting with me for the computer access. I seriously have to consider buying a new net book for their own usage. So that I could have mine peacefully.
Over the past one week, I have taken so many pictures. Though they were already backdated, I do not want to waste them. I will arrange and share all of them in my blog.
First experience for April and May enjoying these very famous 'snow  mountain' (ice kacang) at the casual market.
Are you surprised? April only get to eat so much ice at the age of 6.
I dare not let her take cold stuff when she was much younger. She was very pruned to cough. When she caught a cough, she took months to get rid of it.
She scooped her ice kacang until the whole bowl had gone empty.
She looked so satisfying.


  1. Wow! Really high mountain you have there. :P I think the best way to eat is just like what April did.. no spoon required. hahaha..

  2. Was April standing while enjoying her ice kacang? she must be excited! hehe ;)

    Casual market's ice kacang is the best! Especially during hot day!

  3. April looks so cute when trying to munch her snow mountain, kakaka! Her lips must have been numbed by the coldness of the ice kacang.

  4. netbook is not tht good since it has a very small screen.bad for the eyes.u may consider a desktop with a proper LCD screen

  5. i am not surprised because Ashley has not even tasted such food before..muahahahhahahhha. Each time she's infected with cough, i have to spend a lot of $$$ :( I reckon that our kids still have a lot of time to eat all these when they are older. So, just let them wait a little while :)

  6. Wow..the snow mountain is so tall. I'm not surprised. Your April is so guai..she never ask to eat all these yummy stuff huh.

    I still give Gwen eat these cold stuff but minimal not the whole thing lah.

  7. wowowowow!!! that one sure is good one for hot day!
    wow she can eat that much ice ? i think i will be freezing a bit if i consumed that much. she is cute as always! make me want to make baby too. lol

  8. What a hiiiiiigh ice kacang! Looks so tempting and refreshing, iLike!

  9. Wah! Even me, at my old age, have never eaten so much ice lah! Haha ;) It looks really good, esp on a hot day. Once in a while must let the kids enjoy some food that they like. I sometimes feel like an extreme control-freak too (controlling what Chloe eats), which is not too good...

  10. Wah ! That's snowy mt is really high! I don't think I can finish that alone.

    I dare not let my kids eat lots of ice too because they are so easy to develop cough.

  11. holy smokes. look at that snow mountain. I actually never tried something like that!!! I want to one day!! :)

    have a lovely weekend!!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca