After 4 months

I have mentioned before that I brought the girls to attend the Di Zi Gui class every Saturday and Sunday since July this year. After learning Di Zi Gui for 4 months, I can see that they improved a lot in their behaviour, especially April .

1. They are helping with my house chores. Other than folding the clothes.
They washed their own glasses and plates.
They also helped me in baking and cutting of the pancake into shapes that they wanted to bring to school.

Last time, they would give me the remaining parts of the pancake, but now they also helped to eat them as their supper.  
2. April would pour a cup of water and bring it to me. She would also do that for her papa, though we said we weren't thirsty.

3. They say "Thank you", "You are welcome" and "Please" very more often.

4. They bow, hug, kiss and say "Good night and I love you" before bedtime.
( 4 months ago, they only hug, kiss and say "Good night and I love you". )

5. After taking off clothes, they would bring them to the laundry basket.

6. After reading, they would keep the book back in the shelf.

7. They offered me a full body massage when I napped with them on the weekend.

8. They gave me their favourite junk food before they themselves having the first bite.

9. April helped May in her revision and colouring. They quarrel less and share more now.

10. In general, they are more well-behaved and well-mannered than 4 months ago. Of course, there is still room for improvement.


  1. Wah, bravo to your daughter! The classes are really doing good for them then! Keep it up!

  2. Di Zi Gui - got Pin Yin or not? Just asking. :P

  3. WOW!!!! I wanna sent my kids to di zi gui lor....haha....but not too sure if Seremban area got or not. Have to look around already.

    Bravo to your girls!

  4. This is good! Glad to hear that your princesses is becoming more well mannered now..
    They offer you a massage?? I also want! ;)

  5. I should send my girl to Di Zi Gui class too... to improve her attitude and behaviour :)

  6. *clap clap clap* good job to the girls. they are such sensible young ladies :) you and your hubby must be very proud of them :)

  7. I read some articles about kids' behavioral after attending Di Zi Gui too, simply amazing... that's the reason why I taught my girl but yet explain to her its meaning in detail.:)

  8. Wow, amazing! But I guess both April and May were already very "guai" before they attended the classes. Now, they are even more "fine-tuned". Keep up the good work, girls! :)

  9. Kudos to April and May. Aunty really impress they are being shaped even better through Di Zi Gui.
    Hmm, I think I should enrol my girl to Di Zi Gui class too so that she would behave better.

  10. Ain't it good to start them young.Di Zi Gui is a marvel in our chinese litrature.....good

  11. i wonder what is di zi gui ...:s
    so nice the girls make me want to give birth already .lol

  12. I am very happy for you ar! they are all grown up now - looks like the class/school/program did help eh?? good good :)

    have a great day!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  13. Your girls are superb!~~~ How wonderful you have them...

  14. You must be a very proud Mama~!

  15. Both your angels are very 'guai'. :)

  16. Yes, yes... Di Zi Gui is very good lessons for kids. They learn to respect and love the elder and siblings. I just started to teach my girl Di Zi Gui lately.