A Break

I will be away from blogging for more than 4 days. During this period of time, I will have limited access to my computer. I will be back to visit your blog when you see my comment again.

Here I put up a self portrait of my 6 years old, April.  She told me that she wants to keep her hair as long as the one in the portrait. But, I wonder why the  hair is blond.
 This is her first attempt drawing  and colouring a Disney Princess, Snow White.
Take care and till we meet again.


  1. Woo... while you're enjoying, we're sitting here in the office, facing Mr Annoying =_=

    May be April sees her mum's hair is blond thats why she colored it blond :P

    Have fun ya! Shop til you drop~

  2. Hopping in to say HI. Very nice blog. Nice to know you.

    Princess April can draw very nicely. Love her portrait. Brown hair not bad too. LOL!

  3. Have a great break. and we shall wait for your return.

    Wah...April wants her hair to be so long. Very 'ma fan' to manage wor.

  4. Lovely drawing, those are great masterpieces!

    Have fun, take care and see you soon!^-^/

  5. Lol... "Mr Annoying" Nice pet name, Hayley.

    Enjoy the break and the shopping spree :) Time to get rejuvenate and retail therapy~

  6. Lovely artwork by your daughter! Enjoy yourself for the 4 days!

  7. Lovely drawing and colouring. Ha..like my daughter, she wants to keep her hair long till reach her buttock.

  8. Your princess can draw and colour very well. I'm impressed. Enjoy your holiday. :)

  9. Enjoy the holiday!!

    She can draw very well lah..

  10. have a lovely break yan! look forward into reading your outtings :) have lots of fun with your family!!

    have a wonderful weekend!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca