I am coming back from a short hiatus in blogging. During these short hiatus, days, I was busy with work, nights, I was busy with kids. I lost my sleep, I lost my beauty regime, I lost my patience and I lost my interest in blogging too.

When there was time to sleep, my eyes were really sore and tired after spending hours in front of the computer. I am a technical person, and I deal with computer more than people at work. I am a mother of two preschoolers, and I need to guide them in their homework and spend enough time with each of them at home. The remaining hours (if any), I can choose to either go online to read newspaper or watch PPS. Needless to say, I also have to spare some time to entertain my partner before he complains.

I am physically burned out and mentally worn off. I am looking forwards to a luxury 2.5 hours of full body massage, 2.5 hours of beauty facial and 9 hours of no interruption deep sleep to refrain my spirit and energy.

After these, I also do hope to have a few more extra hours of ME time, so that I reconnect to my blogging friends, revisit their blogs, and get myself updated with the latest news in the country.

I hope so much to have a break to do all the above mentioned things, but it seems so hard to achieve. Working mum, sucks!

p/s: By the way, after putting up Our Pets for one day, 8 fishes from the bigger tank and 5 peacock fishes from the smaller tank died. T____T.


  1. I know being a working mum isnt easy, as what I always hear from you/colleagues. Now, you're frightening me! I've thought of quiting job after becoming a mother in the near future but then, quiting job means no income already T_T
    Life, not easy!

    You take good care of youself!

    p/s: Sorry to hear about the fishes.. really must debug to see whats wrong!

  2. It's really hard to juggle between work and family. I even have to sacrifice my nap in order to get online from home. Totally understand how you feel.

    Time is always no enough for working mom.

  3. I've never been for facial for years.I even left my last nail art course - Half Way. I really don't have the time. More responsibility to take care since Calvin is growing up! My job load is more than last time. Blog? Steal some time to scheduled it when I'm free at nite.So eventually, my mind always thinking of which task come first according to priority and important!

    ~April & May must be sad about their fishes.

  4. Salute all you working mums out there. Even as a stay at home mum, I sometimes feel the exhaustion too. Maybe you need to de-stress more regularly. Hope your massage and beauty facial will help. Enjoy :)

  5. Sorry to hear that the fish died, what a coincident!

    Sometimes I would think being a woman or a mother is always at the disadvantage side. When a man can relax and watch TV or reading newspaper, why most woman has to cook or busy with household after a day of tiring work(specially Asian)?!=_=

    Sorry, I need to rant abit here simply because my husband has the privilege to take his sweet time bathing and watching TV whilst I always have a rushy limited bath and loo whenever my kids cry/call!:p

    Cheer up, wishing you a relaxing weekend!

  6. Oh dear, sorry to hear some of your fishes died.
    Hope you are able to find some good time to rest. Take care.

  7. Being a stay home mother has her share of frustrations too.. At least your hubby is so willing to make you fruit juices.. me, it would only happen in my dreams lo.. >:( Cheer up and take care. :P

  8. You need a break. Hope you get the rest you need. So sorry about the fish.

    I had the same job as you before becoming a SAHM.

  9. put the children in bed between 1900-2000.then u will have time for urself and also with ur husband.

  10. sorry to hear about your pets. i don't understand why they fishes die. mine too :( it is really not easy to juggle so many things. what about weekends? can spare 1 or 2 hours ME time? it will be good to take a short break once in a while to refresh :) so, this end of the month is a short break for you??

  11. Go girl go,have a blast on yourself,what more today being a friday, go to a nice pub, chill have a beer,wine and just chill.

    go ya.....you deserve..

  12. I TOTALLY understand how you feel! Hahaha...we are in the same boat, always rushing to make time for this, for that , etc. There's no hard and fast rule how to change this situation (hehehehe....unless win big lottery until can retire immediately!) but to merely do what is best for each situation. Sorry to know a number of your pet fish died. Yup, that's the reason why finally my parents gave up this hobby.

  13. Do take care.....sleep is more important. Well, at least for me.

    Oh dear...what happened to the pets? Water? Food?

  14. Hayley, see how after you be a mother. May be you can handle better than me. Different people will do thing differently, right?

    Yvonne, some time to little time available until I do not know what to do first. Sigh...

    Angeline, you are lucky as you still have your parents to help up.

    ChloeRuoyi, you are right, I really need to de-stress and rest more.

    Alice Law, you do it well. I can see in your blog. Still have time to do a lot of art work with the kids.

    Shenny's mommy, i seriously need to gain back my sleep loss in the weekend.

    Inspired Mumx1, you are right too, we have to think of the bright side and begrateful.

    Mummy Gwen, you in IT line also, right?

    Valerie, thanks for dropping. I try to adjust their sleeping time to an hour early now. But 1900 is far too early for us here.

    Barb, ME time, I don't dare to expect, but some sleep time, I will be thankful already.

    Eugene, thanks. beer can definitely chill me, but it can also make me fat. :(

    Alice Phua, must really priortize our time to do the most important thing first.

    mNhL, I agree in sleeping too. I love sleeping too. Still couldn't diagnose the root cause of the death of my pets. :(

  15. I can feel your exhaustion too. I am also severely exhausted and sleep deprieved. Being a WFHM is just as tiring and stressful.