Finally, we've got this sorted out

*edited* We usually got this done early, only this year we dilly dally until now.

I have asked my husband to find time and get this to settle before next CNY. 
Last weekend, we finally got this to sort out.
Their Papa took out their CNY hand bags and let the girls unwrapped their Angpao one by one.
He also got ready two baskets for the girls to put in their notes.
We were helpping them to double check all the unwrapped red packets before disposing them. Just in case they still left some new notes in there.
Out of so many red packets in year 2010, these were two nicest red packets. April said there was only RM2 in this Japanese girl angpao. I quickly explained to her that it was because the aunty already spent a lot of the money to buy this beautiful red packet, and asked her to be grateful.  

We used to recycle the new notes from the girls' angpao as the coming CNY angpao for others. In exchange, my husband will bank in the same amount of the angpao money in their accounts.  


  1. The Japanese girl ang pao is really special and cute!
    Now that you mentioned next CNY, I realise that it's just about 4 months away.. =_= time flies!!

  2. Wow... your children keep their angpao for 6 months? Mine hardly wait for 6 weeks, then off to the bank.

  3. Yeah, Now already in Oct. Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb - CNY!!! Fast Lor...

  4. hehehhehee...we are also very fast. right after chap goh mei, we opened all the angpow and went to the bank :D

  5. Yes....agree with your teaching. We should be grateful no matter how much $$ is in the angpow.

    I recycled the new notes too for the coming CNY. hehe....then will bank in the similar amount to the kid's account.

  6. Wah... this is super-late! But better late than never lah haha :) When I blogged about this in April (only 2 months late), people already tembak me about losing out on the bank interest haha... http://chloeruoyi.blogspot.com/2010/04/of-savings-and-onions.html

    Btw, the two nicest angpau packets are very cute!

  7. Hahaha, mommy and papa had to include interest for the girls ang pow money, I think.

  8. LOL... you see, it's almost our next CNY liao... I agree with Shenny's mommy, papa should add on interest for his princesses' saving!:p

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. wa,ur girl can keep their angpao so long, good for saving.u are very good in teaching them. really such as a best mummy!!!

    thx for ur fully support ah yi^^ u always make me feel very warm...

  10. Wah..better late than never. I had to bring Gwen to the bank with me coz Papa was not around.

    The 2 angpow packets are very nice.

  11. Very cute red packet. Wow, you remind me of CNY coming soon... haha. another 3months+.

  12. LOL...I still have my son's angpaus with me. Already bank in an estimated amount for him and I use his angpaus as my loose change! hahahaha....I am so terrible.

  13. I must say - good idea lahhhhh!!! good to help them save early :)

    Have a happy thanksgiving!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  14. LOL, now only start to count the ang pau money? Hahaha, but still it's better now than never. Quickly bank in the money, then can start earning the interest already! :-)