Free lunch box

This isn't an advertorial, and nor a paid post.

I received the Sustagen newsletter few weeks ago, and I didn't have time to browse through until 2 days ago. Inside the newsletter, there was an advertisement on the Free All-In-One Lunch Box with purchase of twin 600g pack. I find the free gift very attractive. It is so useful for April to keep her snack in the lunch box and bring to her primary school next Jan. So, I just showed April the advertisement, and let her go and pester her Papa to stock up more sustagen at home.
Her Papa, who rarely says no to his princess, of course would do what was told. He brought his two princesses to Giant to buy the milk powder and get the free gift when I was still in the office. April is taking the vanilla flavour one, but there had only honey flavour left in Giant. Then, they went to Tesco, there also had honey and chocolate flavours only. Again, they went to The Store to try their luck for the vanilla flavour Sustagen with free lunch box. But again, there had no vanilla flavour. The Papa couldn't stand seeing his princess getting upset. He called me to check whether it was OK for him to buy the chocolate flavour one. I knew if the Papa went back home with empty hands, the princesses sure got very disappointed. I suggested him to get one twin pack of chocholate flavour and one twin pack of honey flavour, so that I can let her take the chocholate milk in alternate feedings.  I don't like them taking too much chocolate, it is very heaty for them to take everyday and 3 feedings per day.
When I was back from work, April was excitedly showing me the lunch boxes that they finally got .
It is a two layers lunch box with a pair of fork and spoon.
Do you think these two lunch boxes worth her papa's time and effort to go searching high and low from Giant to Tesco and then The Store?

Anyway, I tested and I knew something that work wonders. 
"When Mommy wants anything, she must let the princess go to pester her papa."


  1. Yes, definetely worth their papa's time and effort, the lunch box is very nice! And most importantly your princesses like them!

    Haha, good trick! Next time your daughter will become messenger if you wanna buy something :P

  2. The FOC item is very useful indeed and I like it so much - it's a bento box!! Yay!

    Funny... I seldom success with this trick of yours on my hubs T___T

  3. Yeah, April & May got new lunch box to school!
    Well, I was planning my son from Enfa to Sustagen (both oso from same mead johhson eh). I heard they have new flavor - plain one!

  4. The lunch box is very nice. I saw a red one in Tesco that they displayed as sample. I think I also want to get one lah, although Chloe is not on Sustagen but she is a milk addict and will drink any flavour, any brand haha.

  5. The lunchboxes are very nice and come with utensils too. Definitely worth papa's time and effort to get for his princesses. :) Haha...Mummy is very smart huh.

  6. LOL... the pestering part, sound familiar... I reckon it works on all loving papa!

    So nice, I found sustagen always has gift tagging along, unlike my girl's milk, Dutch Lady 123... even a measuring spoon is not given!:p

    Have a great wekend with your family ya!

  7. LOL, yes, you definitely found a new way that work wonders for you! About whether it's worth their papa's effort and time to search high and low for the thing, I personally think it's worth it from the aesthetic perspective (make your loved ones so happy and satisfied!) but yet if viewed from practical sense, then not quite loh unless all the shops are nearby. About searching for something high and low for the sake of the kids, I can say I'm more like your hubby - I'm willing to drive here, drive there just to look for something that I really want. But had it been my hubby, strightaway if one place he cannot find, he won't bother looking for it anywhere else, not even if it is for the sake of the child. For him, his motto is "If cannot find, then forget it-lah!" ^_^

  8. Btw, I love the lunch box design, looks very cute! Too bad, my son is on GainPlus EyeQ to which they will only give free things if bought at the normal price which is about RM94.++ for 1.8 kg tin whereas I normally stock up when offer price ranges at RM 85.95 to RM88.99.

    For Alice Law's note, I saw before - Tesco having offer for Dutch Lady 123, priced at RM17.++ for the 1kg packet and comes with a free Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Tigger & Pooh or some other Disney series characters storybook. I was very tempted to buy it too but unfortunately that time I had already stocked up on a total of 13 packets ( no free gifts some more!) and dared not stock up some more becos Juan Or was still at the rejecting milk stage. Moreover, if MIL and FIL saw me stocking up on more Dutch Lady, they will have a lot of things to say and comment on why I give him Dutch Lady instead of Pediasure...you know what I mean? ^_^

  9. I saw these lunch boxes too at Tesco. Indeed very nice lunch boxes.