I am still seeing other guys

I am a mother of two and I am a wife of a man, but I am still seeing other guys. Not one, but three. They were my most favourite men since many years ago, until now I still admire them.

1. Jerry Yan (Taiwan), Height 180cm, Age 33. 

2. Leon Lai (Hong Kong), Height 179cm, Age 44.


3. Ju Ji Hoon (Korea), Height 187cm, Age 28

Since I watched the Korean Drama "Princess Hours" 5 years ago, I like this Korean, young and handsome Prince Xin the most, that is why I put up 3 pictures of him.
The above three men that I like have quite a number of similarities.
They have sharp nose. They are tall (at least 179cm ).They are Asian (means, I don't fancy white men.)

Other than your own partner, I am sure you will have your own dream guys or women. Mind sharing with me?


  1. Haha, nice photos! What about Wang Li Hong? :P

    Erm.. Contradict to you, I prefer white men :P I like Channing Tatum, after watching him in Step Up I.. I also like Josh Duhamel (in Transformer).. Orlando Bloom also, and the list goes on.. muahahah :D

  2. Wang Li Hom isn't the top 3. Hehehe!

  3. Wakakaka! I like handsome men, regardless their background, plus they must be tall and mature, too *wink*.

    Let see, .... I like Hugh Jackman, Enrique Iglesias, etc.

  4. Ohhhh... all these 'heartthrobs' are more than the word 'handsome' can describe!

  5. *Scream* You like Jerry Yan? Mee too .. I fell in love with him when I watched him acting with Ella Chen in the Taiwan serial

    Other than Jeryy Yan, I also like Wang Li Hom and Tay Ping Hui (Singapore Actor)

  6. Yvonne, you are same like Hayley, prefer white men.

    Alice, I am not going for look, must also have height and sharp nose. :)

    吳大娘, Hi 5. I like him in Meteor Garden more.

  7. wao...leng zai^^

    ah yi, that pant i like it very much also,cos very comfortable and flexible to wear

  8. Oh you prefer taller men lah..hehe. Leon Lai's nose not that sharp wor. :P

    I like Richard Gere when he was a young man not the old Richard Gere..haha.

  9. hahhahahaha...so good looking! i like Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Richard Gere ...

    Wow, i can just go on and on....hahahahhahahahah

  10. wah...'flower heart' just like me. hehehe...i like handsome guys too... and like you, i prefer Asian guys.

    But I don't have top 3 wor....mine always changing. hahaha......

  11. Hehehe....I have never thought about dream guys woh ever since I got married. Sure I have got my ideals, but I have never bothered to pin-point which famous men match my ideals. :P

  12. er i think i like all super junior member. the kind of pretty boy type. lol its an orgy imagining all of them with me *facepalm* LOLOLOL.

  13. oh em geeeeeee!!! #1 is my boyfriendd!! I love him after I watch meteor garden lah. hes so man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    have a wonderful weekend!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca