Poor and rich

Last night, during bedtime. As usual, I told them two bedtime stories. They were allowed to choose from their books. Each chose one story. The story that April chose was about two kids whom families were poor. These two kids at the end turned out to be a very successful and influential people in the country, because of their never give up spirit and hard work.

After I finished reading, I recapped the morale of the story and told April that though we are poor, we don't have big house and big car like others, and both her parents are still working. She can be very good in  her study or whatever she does, if she has the same never give up spirit and hard work. Do you know what she said?
She looked at my eyes and said, "Mummy, I really feel that we are not poor. We are middle class.".
I responded with saying, " Yes, we are probably not considered poor. That is because both Papa and Mummy work hard to earn the money for the family. So, you have to learn to be grateful in whatever you have now. ". She smiled and nodded her head.


  1. April is so thoughtful! I feel that she sometimes has matured thinking ;)

    Thumbs up April!

  2. What a sensible and clever girl. She knows what middle class is?

  3. Wow, what a clever girl understand the meaning of "middle class"!
    You have shared a very good moral stories for your kids.

  4. Clever girl. She knows what is 'middle class' and can relates correctly.

  5. Haha, that's a good leason. And I'm surprised that April at this young an age already know how to differnetiate between poor, middle class and rich....I guess children nowadays are very exposed. I think myself at that age is still bodoh-bodoh, don't know this kind of thing....heheheh.

  6. April is very cute lah :) slowly growing up! :)

    have a great day!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca