Visit to the Museum

I have hopped over to Adventures of Juan Or and Mommy's blog and read about their trip to National Museum. It reminded me of our visit to the museum in our town on the 3rd day of Hari Raya.
I wasn't too keen to take photos inside the museum. Those dead animal, skeletons and mannequins didn't look appealing at all. I only took a few pictures of my princesses at the outdoor of the museum.
Now, I let the pictures do the talk.

This was actually an experience and an education trip for the girls, at least they learned what the museum is all about now.
On the way back home, April asked me, " Can the skeleton, animal, air plane, train and other objects start moving at night after everyone leave home?". She has been watching too much of "Night at the Museum".


  1. Wakakaka, yes, they will come alive at night and tell her if she's naughty at home, you are going to leave her in the museum with her new friends.

  2. LOL.. night at the museum.. ;)
    But I think we're not allow to take photos in the museum?

  3. hahaha, interesting question she asked you!

  4. April has incredible imagination! 2 Thumbs up!^-^

    have a great day!
    p/s: Nice pictures!

  5. Haha..their imagination run wild after watching too many movies. I always tell Gwen that some things in the movies don't exist..hehe..don't want to scare her.

    It's a great experience to bring your angels to the museum. :)

  6. So this museum has toot-toot train-train too - Juan Or is sure to like this museum too! LOL, I guess so too, your daughter must have watched too much of that movie already! :-D

  7. The greatest joy is to see the children happy right? if they are happy then we are happy too

    hey,,Just want to say thank you for dropping by my blog ever so often , truly appreciate it

  8. I've not even step into our country own museum. haha....hubby not interested at all.