We're back to the routine

We went for some hawker food nearby for the dinner before coming back to our home sweet home. While having the food, I hurried the girls to finish their food, because we needed to go back feeding the fishes. The fishes have been starved for 2 days. Upon reaching home, they quickly went to look at the fishes. I found they were so cute sitting on the same car and staring at the fish tank. I took this picture without them noticing. Thank Goodness, none of the fishes die. Only the water plant is dying.
After sending the girls to their bedroom, I unloaded the luggage and the shopping loots. I covered more shopping malls this trip, but didn't buy as mush as I expected. May be many weren't on sales.
My proudest purchase was getting this pair of ballerina flat at 50% discount from Debenhams, Lot 10. I love this shoes to bits, because it is so comfy.
I've been to Suria, Lot 10, Sg.Wang, Bukit Bintang, Pavilion and the newly opened Fahrenheit, I only bought 5 items for myself, and 6 books/magazines from Kinokuniya and MPH for my girls. I got the blue and purple tops at 50% discount from Laura Ashley, the pink singles and the 2pc/set blue pajamas at 50% discount from Debenhams. Coincidentally, these two brands were from UK. I also got one Reebok blank yoga pants at 40% discount from Stadium. I couldn't get anything from the brands that I flavour like Nichii, Kitschen and Cotton On this time.
I should have bought this piece of long T/dress from Debenhams. It was only RM45 after 50% discount. Why I put it down after trying? Sob.....sob... I miss it so much now.
Looking at the clock and it was half passed 11 at night, I have to prepare myself back to the work tomorrow. Before heading to bed, I still have so many cleaned clothes that I need to fold and keep. Yawn....


  1. I like your pair of ballerina flats too. Did you go sightseeing too? I am planning to get my boy an aquarium too. Guess fishes are easier to maintain compared to dogs.. well, hopefully. :)

  2. Consider a good trip already, at least avoid from Mr Annoying, hahaha :D

    The flats looks nice, sure it's comfy.

  3. The first pic is really cute... the girls missed their fishes :) Wah not bad lah your shopping trip. You managed to grab quite a lot of nice stuff although not much sales around. I have never bought anything from Debenhams before.

  4. I really that top/dress from Debenhams. And your sequined flat... superb shining with the jeweled crown. 5 items for yourself is not bad wer... good retail therapy

  5. We all must be happy,if they children are happy,right?

    then again,you did buy something for yourself too, didn't you?

    Have a great weekend, my dear friend

  6. Wah, so much loot!! And you look slim and good lady!

  7. That is a very nice photos of two sisters sitting naturally observing fishes.
    Another fruitful trip in KL. I like your selection of clothing. You are slim and easier to fit in any clothing.

  8. That's a very sweet pic of the sisters. :)

    You have such great taste. I like the ballerina flat. Gorgeous.

  9. wow, i love the flats you got :) you are such a smart shopper...so many items at deep discounts. can't believe you went to so many malls in a few days :) ok...if i do go to debenhams this weekend or next, would you like me to get the top for you? let me know the size, ok?

  10. Mommy~! You are HOT and stylish!! The dress looked very nice on you, it's pity that you didn't grab it...:)

    Cheer up and enjoy your weekend!

  11. I like your new bought flats too, very nice.. The long T/ dress is nice ya, didn't grab it and now regret, haha! Most women are like this hor..

  12. u look hot in that self camera and i understand u regret didn't buying it. hehehe.