Angels' notes

I read about how excited Shenny is in her notes yesterday. Then, I remember that I have also captured some cute little notes of my princesses with  my camera few days ago. 

Here the first one, which  was written by April in one morning.
When Papa came back from work at night, he saw it sticking on the fridge and felt rather jealous. So, he complained to his princess that why only love mummy.
Thus, April grinned and wrote again another notes to replace the first one.
This was another one that she wrote on last weekend. She said to me that she wants to remember all the important activities in the week, as she mustn't forget to take nap in the afternoon. How nice, right?

This last one was written by my little May. This is really sweet and I like it so much.
"Yan is mother
 hello mother
Yes mother. "
Cute right?

I love all these notes from my princesses. I call them "my Angels' notes".


  1. Aww... I'm so envy your angels wrote beautiful messages to you. Such a bliss.

  2. Your angels notes are sweet, believe these sweet words certainly quench your tiredness everytime you came back from work.
    Shenny too likes to express her love to mommy and daddy in sticky notes or white board at home.

  3. How sweet of your girl to write little notes to you and hubby and she has very neat handwriting. No worries at all when she goes to std 1 next year.

  4. Aww...so sweet. I'm sure mummy and daddy's hearts melted after reading these sweet messages. Girls are really thoughtful right. :)

  5. How nice of them ;) such a lucky Mommy to has 2 brilliant princesses! I remember I never do that for my parents during childhood days ha ha ha

  6. So sweet! Their handwritings are so neat and nice. I'm sure mummy is very, very proud of them. May can spell and write very well. Smart girl :)

  7. Yan, those were indeed the loviest words for a mother! You are blessed and lucky with your 2 princesses!:)

    Have a nice day!

  8. i can understand the daddy get jealous, my dad used to get jealous bcoz we r close to mum more. heheh
    they r so sweet girls

  9. Hi Everyone, thanks for the comment. Those notes really make my day and melt my heart.