Do not be late to school

Many people think that I have two nice, obedient and clever girls, but do you know that they were always late to school? April has complained many times to me that her Mei Mei always caused her to be late to school. The person who sends them to school, such as my PIL and my husband also get annoyed when dealing with their late to school matter. The culprit was my little May's dilly dally attitude. She likes to whine in the morning for unnecessary things. She also takes forever to finish her milk.  

Every morning, I drop them at the babysitter's house and leave for office, the babysitter will make them milk and get them ready to school. Either my PIL or my husband will pick them up again and send them to school.
I have been receiving umpteen complaints from the babysitter, April, my husband, and my PIL on my little May. I tried coaxing and bribing in the beginning, and followed by threatening and scolding in my subsequent attempts. When I lost my patience, I also raised my "magic wand" on her and punished her writing "Do not be late to school" for two pages long. However, none was able to resolve her dilly dally and whining problem in the morning. My little May is a real monster in the morning, when everyone is rushing to go to work or school, she is throwing her tantrum and whining non stop. When I go and pick her up again in the evening, she will turn to a very innocent look and show me her angelic face. That make me so hard to be harsh on her.

My girls' school break hasn't started until mid of December. On Monday, again they were late to school. I removed her privileges on watching TV and Internet for the entire evening. I reprimanded her to stay in the study room. She was only allowed to read books and do colouring, while her jie jie was enjoying their favourite cartoons on Astro alone. Infact, this was the second time I did that on her. I pray hard, and I hope by removing her privileges on watching Disney Playhouse, Tom and Jerry and so on will make her stop  making nonsense and also being late to school.


  1. Ian can shake hand with May. He is also the dilly dally type and I have to set his usual routine to get ready for about anything at least 20 mins ahead so that I won't get high blood pressure.

  2. I usually dress my girls up and let them continue to sleep in the car, i will only wake them up when about to arrive the school. Crystal always walks to school with sleepy face while pearl always wants me to carry.

  3. Ok, let me share a personal experience with you in this regard,

    when Marvell was small, same problem so what i did was to...

    get him to do the same things like i do as soon as he wakes up. i brush my teeth,i make sure he does that too same time, wearing the cloth, same time, i drink my coffee,he drinks milk,finish the same, lama-kelamaan, sudah biasa lah,, may be you can try this at home

  4. This is another phase where lil May is going through. My girl used to be dilly dally last year, I was frustrated and eventually start my day with bad mood. My tactic was (and is still using it now), "who does the faster" - who brush the teeth faster, wear the clothes faster, who drink the milk faster, etc. She's the kiasu type usually want to be first :) And my mission is accomplished.

  5. Hopefully she can change, most kids like Disney Playhouse and Tom and Jerry. So by removing these 2 from her, I think its a big deal for her. Good luck Sheoh Yan.

  6. Hi Aunty Yan! Seems that little May gets a same problem like my little brother. My sister used to be like May too, but her dilly dally just disappeared as she grows. I guess because they are kids and sometime they don't know what are they doing, moreover when they still half awake, they don't fully conscious. I hope you will have a good luck for May, I believe her dilly dally will disappeared soon :) Have a nice day!

  7. Ian's Mum, I get what you mean by high blood pressure. I experienced that too.

    Agnes, start next year, I will need to settle her and bring her to my PIL's house to help lighter my PIL's burden in the morning. Your tips definitely help. Thanks.

    Eugene, thanks for sharing this valueble experience with me. I will try to apply next year, when I need to settle her in the morning.

    Yvonne, thanks for sharing your tips too. It helps.

    Yin Yue, I hope so. Today, she was on time to school. I just called to confirm already.

    Angie, I am glad to hear from you, as you are a big sister at home. You sure know May's problem well. You have a point there. Thanks for reminding me that May was not doing this on purpose.

  8. Yeah, i think this is a phase that she goes through. hopefully by next year, a year older, she'll be like her jie jie :)

  9. Aiyor~! We also encounter the same problem with Juan juan... every morning she must kept dilly-dallying until the last minute, 'die lar' when she has to start her primary education(slap forehead)! In order let her be punctual for school, I had to allocate an allowance of time every morning, darn tiring!=_=

    Perhaps because May is the youngest, thus she tends to 'manja' a bit?! Anyway, cheer up, she won't be going to school for a month and so, at least now everyone can relax and less tensed up, lol!

    have a nice day!

  10. Uh_oh, sounds like my #2. Even with privileges removed, she's still like that. I hope she will automatically change when she goes to Std. 1, else I really don't won't know what to do with her, sigh...

  11. Maybe if you are the one sending her to school she will speed up a bit?

    Luckily I have no problems with Gwen. She wakes up really late and we always rush like mad..20 mins kao tim..hehe.

  12. I guess some people are like that... very "mor" one. Even in adults! It's their character. So just try not to be too harsh on her.