Grandma's Birthday 2010

We celebrated MIL's Birthday on last Sunday at Restaurant Xin Mei Yuan. My two princesses dressed up like their most favourite princesses. April wanted to be little Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), and May wanted to be little Cinderella.
 I let the pictures of food do the talking.
First dish was Five Blessing (五福临门).
Second dish was mixed vegetable in yam basket. ( My most favourite dish)
 3rd dish was trotter (猪手).
 4th dish was deep fried prawns.
 5th dish was claypot sea cucumber and mushroom. 
 6th dish was Birthday noodles (寿面).
 7th dish was steamed fish.
 8th dish was deep fried chicken in orange juice (橙汁鸡). No picture for the 8th dish.
Green tea and red bean Birthday Cake from LA Promise Cafe.

PIL and their grand daughters after the meal.  

The bill was RM365 for 10 adults and 2 children.


  1. Happy birthday Aunty! Miss her Bak Zhang leh...Sim Bee Guan food not bad one...good choice. The green tea cake also delicious rite?

  2. The birthday noodles is special ;)
    Happy belated birthday to your MIL btw!
    And thanks for the green tea cake!

  3. Aunty Yan, happy birthday to your MIL, best wishes for her!
    Wow, the green tea cake? I wonder how it tastes, never have one here hahaha...

  4. happpy birthday! green tea cake???!! wow. look delish. i love green tea:)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to your MIL! Your hubby loves yam cake but I love the trotter dish more. :) Your two princesses looked so lovely in their princessy dresses..

  6. Happy Belated Birthday To Your MIL! The dishes look absolutely fantastic and the price is reasonable too. Princess April and Princess May look beautiful in their dresses.

  7. Oh My! Oh My! You girls are gorgeous, now I wish to dress up my girl like a princess liao!^-^

    Awesome spread of gourmet, oh yes, I agree that pictures paint a thousand words!

    Have a wonderful week ahead!
    p/s: Happy belated Bithday to your MIL, all the best!

  8. the price was quite reasonable

  9. gosh, the food again. thank God it's closed to lunch time :) the girls look pretty :D

  10. The prawns have me drooling over it.