Happy Deepavali and Happy Holiday

Today is the last working day in this week. Tomorrow is the Happy Deepavali public hoilday. Since we are 1 Malaysia, so I am already in the festive mood and holiday tone now. Wakakaka! Here, I would like to share a few pictures that we took in our KL trip last week.
This place, Pavilion Crystal Fountain is the pride of mall, and also a new national landmark to tourists.
It is a must take picture place at Pavilion, KL. A night view of us in front the Crystral Fountain.
A day view of us again before entering the mall.
This picture was taken by April at Tony Roma's Pavilion. My husband likes the beef ribs and my girls like the turkey ham pasta there. This was the 3rd time dining there.
My princesses at Suria KLCC. 
We wish all the Indianswho celebrate Deepavali, Happy Deepavali. To the rest, Happy Holiday and hope you enjoy your long weekend.

A little findings on Pavilion Crystal Fountain

Located in the heart of Bukit Bintang and fronting the “World’s Best Retail Centre”, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

The fountain featured the Bloom of the Hibiscus, the national flower of Malaysia, a symbol of opulence, passion and progression. The three bowls repreent Malaysia’s multiracial culture living harmoniously in unity. Ascending to signify the growing aspirations of the people. Serenely the water converges from all directions, an endless source of blessings and prosperity. This crystal glass fountain bestows luminous wealth upon the city and the nation.

The essence of this fountain is a reflection of our Prime Minister’s “1 Malaysia” vision.

Malaysians and tourists also have the opportunity to emulate the symbolic gesture of tossing a coin into the Pavilion Crystal Fountain, just like the Trevi Fountain in Rome, where tourists would toss a coin into the fountain and whisper their hopes and dreams.


  1. Happy holidays to you and family ;)
    Enjoy ^^

  2. AWWW gorjeuss mum and two beautiful girls! what a lucky husband to have that. hehehehe. happy holiday!

  3. I see a hot mama there. :) Enjoy the long weekends!

  4. Happy holiday to you too!^-^ Come here more often, more to explore here... especially during X-mas eve!

  5. the fountain very nice ya. I love to look at it too.

  6. Aunty Yan, happy holiday for your family, April and May too! Enjoy your holiday and I hope you all will be happy always :) cheers

  7. Yan happy holiday to you and ur family! U have luvly photos from the Pavilion!

  8. You are so photogenic. Your girls are lovely too. Nice pics. Enjoy your holiday!

  9. you are looking great Sheoh Yan :)