Meet my young friends

BB_Hwiyee and Angie are my two very young readers. Both of them are still a student, and they both love Art, Handcraft and Design. They are full of passion and talent in Art, pretty, sweet young ladies. I addressed myself as Aunty Yan to Angie and Ah Yi to Hwiyee. They are even younger than my nephew. My sister's son who calls me Ah Yi too is already 19 years young this year.

I love to read their blogs, because I can find the youth that I miss in their day to day life.

Special thanks to Angie for drawing a portrait of April. 
Angie, you have drawn April too pretty.


  1. The portrait is nice! Very similiar to April.. ^^
    She's really talented!

  2. Wow....such a nice portrait.

  3. Waaa, thanks for posted it here Aunty Yan. I glad you like it ^^~ April is really beautiful actually I found it's so hard to imitate her lol

  4. I like this portrait, very very nice!

  5. oh..very lovely portrait. she is very talented :)

  6. Agree with you. Angie is very talented. Very nice drawing of April.