Hayley was back from her honeymoon in the most romantic place in the world. It is always nice to have a friend/colleague who travels a lot, at the same time will remember you in her trips. Wakakaka! This time, she bought everyone of us the Eiffel Tower as souvenir.
A box of Eiffel Tower chocolate and Eiffel Tower key chain.
The chocolate box is now in the dustbin, but the chocolate was already melted in our mouth. You don't need to "merci" me, I just helped you to entertain a few of your unwelcome users' calls tactfully when you were not around. Muahahah!

Once again, Hayley, merci.


  1. Bienvenue (I guess it means You're welcome) Yan!
    Haha, hope you guys like the chocolates and the key chain. Things there are not so cheap so I dint brought back alot :S
    The only regret is, I should have buy more Longchamp bags, right? =_=

  2. Hey, so ngam, I was also got something to post about Hayley's keychain as well!

    Yan have a nice weekend ahead!

  3. I think I had the most chocolate in the box - 3 pieces... am feeling fat fat fat now.... Oh yes, now she mentioned Longchamp, kakaka!

  4. I'm drooling now. I'm sure that chocolates tasted good. Ah, Paris (daydreaming). How great that destination. Want to go there too haha

  5. So sweet of Hayley. I have the same keychain too...a gift from a friend.

  6. That's very sweet of Hayley, now I wish I could work with you guys!^-^

    have a great weekend!
    p/s: The colour of the chocolate looks really interesting, it's black?!

  7. Hayley is really thoughtful. I have the Eiffel Tower keychains too... I bought as souvenirs from the same place but I never gave them to my colleagues haha :P

  8. It's always good to be surrounded by colleagues who travel often, with little souvenirs like key chains and all that and not forgetting the local delicacies too. :)

  9. that's very nice of Hayley. I am still waiting to read all about her travel :)