A new membership

Since April was very young, she has very sensitive lung, and she catches cold and cough rather easy. We have thought of letting her learn swimming, so that it can help strengthening her lung. Many swimming coaches take students 6 years old and above only. My husband and I had started to look for a suitable coach as well as a good swimming spot for April when she turned 6 this year. The chance had finally come. I want to specially thank a friend, Li Ying. She recommended me the membership of Chinese Recreation Club. After some surveys, we decided to sign up. Hence, we are going to be very busy exploring on the available facilities with the new membership.
April has started the swimming lesson beginning this month in the club swimming pool.
First and second lessons were solely breathing in water. I purposely found her a lady coach from the club. Unfortunately, her swimming lessons were always after a big down pour, thus she kept shivering in the pool. She likes swimming very much, though the first two lessons were a bit boring. After her first lesson, we had steamboat as the dinner in the club restaurant, just to make her body feel warm again.
Assorted fish balls.
"Fu Pei" - Tofu Skin.
Fish meat.
Bean curds.
Chicken meat and fish fillets.
This was the first time we had dinner there. We have yet to try their other foods. The steamboat costs us RM70 for 2 adults and 2 children.
After the dinner, the kids were entertained by watching people playing tennis in the court.

Besides enrolling April in the swimming lesson, I am joining the line dance and yoga in the club, apart from the yoga and aerobics classes that I already have at other place. My husband is also utilizing their gym room and badminton court. The children can borrow some books from the library to read at home in the coming school holiday. Weekends, when the weather is good, all four of us will go for a dip in the pool too. Way to go, to go for more family activities with the new membership.


  1. Yeah..keep it up. Hope you all can spend more quality time together as a family. :)

  2. huann huann started her swimming lesson when she was 4 years old.now she can do a lap (in the deep pool) with breast stroke.she still has to learn proper free style. u may consider swimming lesson for may.it is fun to have a partner.

  3. Such a good place for the whole family! Keep it up!
    Eh I dont know they have steamboat there!

  4. It offers so many facilities for leisure :) Another good place for family activities.

  5. Your post reminded me to have to call the swimming instructor in for Ian's swimming lessons. It has been postponed since don't know when. Aiyaya..

  6. Look like the club has got many facilities, the whole family can can enjoy the membership, not bad at all

  7. A very good membership. All can utilised it and best of all in a FAMILY. Great bonding time.

  8. May didn't join her jie jie for the swimming lesson? Won't she envy her jie jie, or perhaps she was playing in the pool with papa?

    Anyway, so nice to have steamboat after some workout! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I hardly bring Chloe swimming eventhough we live in a condo with a swimming pool. It's good to let kids learn swimming. April will get stronger. I was quite a weak kid too and swimming did strengthen me a bit.

    You know what, usually after a downpour, the pool is warmer. It's true. Next time you touch the water and see :)

  10. Hi Sheoh Yan, swimming is always very good, for kids and adults.
    I'm sure April will be fine as she grows older.

    Love that 'steamboat'. Here its called, 'hotpot'.
    Wow, you sure have a lot of activities re exercises. Good for you.
    Have fun, Lee.

  11. Wow that's good Aunty Yan. I swim everyday, usually I manage the counts of lap, I swim with 3 different styles so far and I found out, it's really help my lungs and gain a better health ^^ Now, no day without swimming, I just get used to it and it's simply become my daily. Glad to know that April attends swimming course, I'm sure she will grow healthier with exercise in her daily :D

  12. Wow, a very good membership you have joined, the whole family could benefit from it. Yes, my girl's instructor also always ask her to practice breathing skills especially at the early stage.

  13. glad you started her with swimming lessons :) i wish I know how to swim too. this recreation center looks awesome :)

    have a lovely weekend!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  14. Mummy Gwen, yes, we become busier now especially on weekend. So many things to do, but too little time.

    Valerie, I saw the video that you put in FB. She is really good. Over here, the coach rejects kids 6years and below. I have no idea also.

    Hayley, may be we can schedule a date to go trying their steamboat, and ask Li Ying along.

    Yvonne, last time, we used to go Lake Garden, now we have additional place to go.

    prince and princess mum, thanks for dropping.

    Ian's mum, we always reminded each other with our blogs. Sometimes yours also reminded me of something.

    Agnes, glad to have your come by my blog.

    mNhL, agree with you, and my two princesses will become more expose to others. They used to be very shy and talk less with others.

    Alice, May didn't join, when Papa around, she will go into the pool with papa.

    Chloe Mum, you are right too, but when there was raining heavily for the entire day, the pool water is cold on the next day.

    U. Lee, so that I can stay slim and young. Just try to make the input = output.

    Angie, didn't know you swim so regularly. Just hope that my kids get stronger after going more exercises.

    Shenny's mommy, read your update before. Shenny swims pretty well.

    Jen, exercise is always good for the health. You take care.

  15. Do you find out what reason make her lungs sensitive? Heng Heng also catches flu and cough easily :( A doctor once told me swimming is the best exercise to strengthen the lungs. BUT make sure is SWIM, not PLAY, the doctor said... He advise us to get a STRICT coach , haha! But I am not going to let Heng Heng start so soon, he scares of pool water, lol.

  16. wow, such a healthy family :) so is your little princess enjoying her swimming lessons now? this aunty doesn't even know how to swim :(