Not only juice

On most of the Sundays, when I attended the Di Zi Gui class with the girls, how would the only man in the house spend this very quiet 1.5 hour? I tell ya! When we came back home, the hot steamy dishes and rice were usually awaiting for us on the dining table. Moreover, the used cooking utensils and dirty dishes were all washed, and the wet kitchen was also cleaned and mopped.
The very simple lunch, 3 dishes and 1 soup, which was cooked by him on last Sunday. 
Stir-fried long beans and chicken breast meat.
Stir-fried canned lettuce and chicken breast meat. (This dish was only shared by him and me, because it wasn't that healthy for children.)
Deep fried chicken fillet with KFC frying flour which had mixed with eggs earlier.
The corn and carrot chicken soup.

Though this lunch was nothing fancy, the home cooked food and soup were really hearty and well balance in nutritious. And, I shouldn't forget to mention that they were all very tasty.

To us, the food that he cooked was thousand times better than those high saturated fat, high MSG and oily outside food.

Not only juice. he can cook many home cooked dishes and soups too.

Though he seldom says those 3 littles words to us, I know he means it.  Ain't action always speaks louder than words.

To him, Thank you and I love you.

Nonetheless, I find the grass is always the greenest in my garden.


  1. Wow, you're such a lucky lady! hehe =)
    Very 'hang fook' la!!
    p/s: the chicken fillets look very tempting!

  2. You and the girls are so lucky to have him. I always love simple homecooked food. Yumz!

  3. I believe that he you were referring to is your hub,,,,, please tell him that i salute him......that's sure a nice feeling, coming home to a warm dishes laid out waiting...

  4. Hi Sheoh Yan , Wow! Hubby is a gourmet cook? Outstanding! And those dishes are really exciting and delicious too. Love that corn dish.
    Who's better? You or him? Ha ha.

    Okay, you lucky have hubby can cook. I'm a genius at opening tins, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, stay young, Lee.

  5. Oh yes, action speaks louder than words. Your family is so blessed to have him. And he must be glad, for you are a grateful wife :)

  6. Can I borrow your handy husband kar? Kiahahaha, just KIDDING!

    My friend, you are blessed with such a concern, caring and hardworking man... hehe, I bet most women on earth are getting jealous with you now!;p

    Have a nice day!

  7. I love your last statement "The grass is always the greenest in my garden". That's what all of us should believe in! You are a good wife and mummy, that's why you are so BLESSED with a wonderful hubby and great girls :)

    Double thumbs up to your hubby for being such a good chef!

  8. Wow..your husband can cook up a storm. The chicken are fried to perfection. I salute your Hubs coz he even cleaned the dishes and mopped the floor! Yes..his actions already shows how much he loves his family. :)

  9. Wow... so envy you, SHeoh Yan! You're so blessed to have a sweet husband.

  10. Hayley, yes, my children like the chicken fillets very much.

    Ian's Mom, right, simple and nice.

    Eugene, when we came back our tummy already made a lot noise, so it was just in time when seeing a table of warm dishes laying out waiting. I felt very touched every time I see that.

    Lee, to be honest to you, he is better chef than me. He sliced everything thinner than me, he fried everything crispier than me. Only I can boil the soup as tasty as him.

    Yvonne, I have to be grateful, otherwise I can't have him back again in my next life.

    Alice, thanks for all your sincere words. I can feel your sincerity in your comments. It is not my intention to make other women jealous. My intention is to make myself remember whatever he has done for us.

    Chloe's mom, you are absolute right that all of us should appreciate our men as the man he wants to be and as the man he almost is.

    Mummy Gwen, I reckon that he is a hardworking man.

    Serene, I just hope that I am still blessed again in my next life.

  11. wow, you are so lucky. really envy you :) psst..could your hubby teach mine a few things ah? hahahhhaha

  12. that was sweet ^^~ I hope I can get such a great husband in the future :)
    indeed, I always monitor my foods too due to my cholesterol I run a healthier life now ^^
    Have a nice day Aunty , mwah ;)

  13. Wah, how nice of your hub!! 3 dish and 1 soup some more!

  14. Aww....how blessed you are....