Reading is everywhere

When I went shopping with the girls, this was how I occupied their time. Usually, we would straight go to the bookstore when I stepped into the mall. They were allowed to select the book or magazine that they were interested. When books were available for them to read, then only I could enjoy my hassle free shopping.
My girls were clever enough to look up for benches that are for shoes fitting in any outlet that I dropped by.
I would just linger around the place nearby to the bench that they sat.
While waiting for food to be served in the restaurant, they were also browsing and flicking through the book.
As a result, before I started to shop for any clothing or shoes, I have to first invest in books.
Here are books and magazines that I bought during my KL trip last week.


  1. Good Good! I'm so proud of your girls, they will grow up to be an excellent reader!^-^

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Excellent to see your girls concentrating to do their reading wherever they go. That is a good thing to have two sisters as accompany.

  3. It's good to cultivate reading in the young ones, especially during waiting for mummy to shop, muahahaha! They won't be pestering you then.

  4. Good.. a good habit to do while to kill time ;) I think this is better than those kids who obsessed with video games/psp/cellphones...

  5. Smart mommy, i think next time i also can do the same. :P

  6. Good job, mommy! I always believe in inculcating reading habit in our children and it's the most valuable git we can give our children.

  7. See, i told you you've brought them up well,,, kudos to you.

  8. Very good habit to instill in your girls, good job!

  9. hhahahahah....such a great idea. i see 6 books...which means 2 books for one mall and altogether 3 malls you went to? :D

  10. Thanks for sharing this with us! What a great way to entertain the kids while we shop! Now next, what should we buy for our men when we need to shop? Haha!


  11. Alice Law, thanks, just because they like reading a lot.

    Shenny's mommy, you are right too. They have company in doing anything together.

    Yvonne, it is true, i can shop for hours with books available to them.

    Hayley, you are right true, those games will hurt their eye sight more compare to reading books.

    Yin Yue, thanks. lol!

    Inspired Momx1, agree. I read a lot during my pregnancies, so they learned to read in my womb.

    Eugene, thanks a lot. I am still learning to be a good mother.

    Barb, hahaha! You guess it right. I couldn't go for more shopping malls. Money would be all spent on the books later.

    Ally, thanks for dropping by. For men, they simply have to find something to entertain themselves. :)

  12. Hi, I'm a new commenter here, I read this blog since long time ago as well as I read Mummy Gwen blog, and I should say I really like this blog and your story!

    May and April, I believe they will be a success woman someday, I read how diligent and smart they are. Reading is one of good habit that I like since I was a kid, and I'm glad May and April like to read too. God bless you n ur family :)

  13. wow isn't it a miracle a mummy still can shop with small kid around. they surely are nice kids.

  14. Angie, thanks for having you to come by my blog.

    goldflower86, they have to be nice, as the mummy is quite fierce. :)

  15. Your 2 angels are very good girls. They read everywhere and they love reading..so good girls.

  16. What a wonderful sight... to see the girls reading everywhere. They are really super "guai". You really trained them very well, Yan. Good job! :)