Sauk Lau Kai Restaurant - Raya Haji Public Holiday part 2

I was drooling over Sauk food that blogged by Hayley, so I pestered my husband to bring us there on Raya Haji Public Holiday. We had lunch at  Lau Kai Restaurant at Sauk, before we headed to Chemor Chinese Temple(善学院) which I had blogged earlier. I forget to bring my Digital Camera along, and I had to take all pictures with my mobil phone.
I didn't know that April held her skirts up this way until I downloaded pictures to my PC yesterday. She is getting vain.
Homemade assorted fish balls.
Stir-fried green mustard.
Steamed Pak So Kong. This fish was really fresh and yummy.
Assam Shrimp.
Claypot edible frog (田鸡).
The bill for 4 adults and 2 children is RM140 (inclusive Chinese tea and white rice).


  1. i really like blogging, it is all about information lah,, you see i never knew there was such a place called Sauk,, now i know..tq.

    hey have a great weekend ya

  2. Hi Aunty Yan! ^0^ How are you doing?
    Hahaha April looks cute when she posed like that ;D She'll be a feminine I guess ;)
    The foods seem good! I want to try the Claypot edible frog, I like frog/swikee ;P Too bad it's in Malaysia ha ha ha ^_^

  3. The food looks delicious lerh... *drooling*

  4. haha...all princesses will held up their skirt that way ma.

    The frog and prawns ......drooling..

  5. Pak so kong fish is one of my favourite. The flesh is white and smooth. The dish of assorted fishballs looks tempting too.

    Should make a trip to Sauk soon.....

  6. Yeah~! Scrumptious foodie post! Hehe... I was wondering why you didn't have anything before you go back! Slurp~ the asam prawn and the claypot frog looked really nice!

    Have a wonderful school holiday Yan!

  7. haha. your cute daughter want to look pretty in picture. gorjeuss picture of u all.
    that edible frog is call what chicken in chinese right ? i dun dare eat that. >.<
    the steamed fish and other look nice.but uhh rm140, i wud hv to wait when i hv job b4 can indulge in food

  8. Your mobile phone takes good pics. The fishballs look so freshh and delicious. Actually all the food looks yummy to me. April learned from Mummy lah..hehe..just kidding.

  9. Everything looks so yummy, esp the assorted fishballs! Your mobile phone takes better pics than my digital camera! :)

  10. This reminds me of food from china - not that they dont have it here - but it just tastes very different while I was at Guangzhou - miss those food!

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  11. Drooling over the "froggie" dish. Hahaha.. I love "Pak So Gong", ideal way of cooking.. Steaming.

  12. Hehe, do you like the food there? What about your family? I hope I dint recommend wrong :P