White fungus and gingko biloba dessert

I have just hopped to Hayley's blog and seen her sharing the very cool DIY facial serum by using only white fungus. If you love to have beautiful skin, do not miss this very interesting entry of her. Coincidentally, I also boiled the white fungus sweet dessert for my family on last weekend.
I soaked the white fungus which is also known as snow fungus in a bowl for about 10 mins. When it turned soft, I used scissors to cut out the roots and threw them away. I should have kept them to scrub my body, my face, my knees, my albows and my armpits. Hayley, shouldn't be a problem right?

I also added in some gingko biloba to the white fungus desserts. I noticed myself having  the tendency in forgetting things recently. May be it was due to my sleep deprived. I heard gingko biloba is good for memory. So, I just eat more gingko biloba.
After cracking up the shells, soak the gingko biloba in water to remove its skins in brown color.

Besides gingko biloba and white fungus, I also add in sweet and bitter almonds, lotus seeds, dried longan, red dates, honey dates and rock bee sugar for better taste. This dessert can be served hot or cold. I will normally keep it in the refrigerator, because my children love it chilled.

Health Benefits of White Fungus

  • White fungus contains much iron, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus.
  • The fat and gum like protein in it is especially nourishing to the body. It is considered a good supplement to the body.
  • Stew white fungus with rock sugar lubricates the colon and stimulates peristalsis. Thus, it is a mild laxative for constipation patients.
  • White fungus is also said to be effective in nourishing the lungs, healing dry cough and clearing heat in the lungs. Those who have weak lungs catch cold easily.
  • Eating stewed white fungus with rock sugar and red dates helps strengthen the respiratory system and thus, helps prevent cold. 
  • Skin gets dry when people reach the middle age. Eating white fungus is the best way to take care of your skin. They aid blood production and bring more circulation to the skin to give you a moisturized-complexion.

 Health Benefits of Gingko Biloba

•Stimulates and tones the brain.
•Treat Embolism.
•Increase memory and mental concentration.
•Prevent senility and Alzheimer's disease.
•Prevent headache (Migraine).
•Prevent Asthma.
•Prevent Intermittent Claudication (pain caused by inadequate blood flow to the legs).
•Prevent hearing problem.
•Prevent Impotence.
•Reduce High Blood Pressure.
•Reduce Menopausal symptoms.
•Reduce Varicose Veins and Phlebitis.


  1. Yaya, next time you know, keep the root and use them as body/facial scrub!
    Your tong sui looks very yummy! I wanna try it someday, may be add in some quail eggs? hehehe :P

  2. Hi Sheoh Yan, I love this dessert. My wife makes them fairly often and for me, well chilled always.
    Sheoh Yan, you mind I copy the pic, last one and put it in my blog side bar, my just posted new story...credit to you of course.

    Thank you, you have a pleasant day, stay young and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  3. I love this dessert chilled too! Loving it.. It has been long since I last made it. I usually go dabao from a stall in Sec 17.. Hehehe... lazy ma..

  4. I'm drooling at your dessert... so bursting with ingredients. Yummy! This white fungus is very nutritious but I don't really fancy eating it. Must learn to like it one day haha.

  5. I need this badly. My mum used to make this. Yours looks so good. You gave me a good idea...next time I should tapau all the ingredients to JKT and make myself..hehe.

  6. Wah... so much valuable 'goodies' you shared with us! Thank you Yan X10!

    I must learn brewing this soup for my family too, very healthy dessert indeed! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I'll trade my tong sui for yours. Yummy :)

  8. Thanks everyone for the compliment. I love all your comments.

  9. OMG...your bowl of dessert has got so much of ingredient. Normally, I just prefer the soup. It is good to share with me ^_^

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